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Gen-Tec Nutrition was established by Nick Jones about two decades ago. Jones, being experienced and passionate about nutrition and the art of Bodybuilding had tried to merge both concepts. Currently, Gen-Tec products have gained a lot of ground in the Australian market and it’s easy to understand why. With an array of efficacious products, the Gen-Tec brand has been able to establish itself as a dependable brand to users from Australia and even beyond.

Gen-Tec Nutrition is the manufacturer of Casein CustardUltimate Thermo Fuel and the Gen-Tec Amino Lean amongst other products. The Casein Custard supplement is a Gen-Tec supplement for bodybuilders and fat burners. Bodybuilders due to the strenuous workout routines they go through need a lot of protein to repair and rebuild their muscles. The Gen-Tec Amino Lean is a pre-workout supplement that helps ensure that you are able to go on and on during your workout; with increased metabolism, energy boost and improved focus, you are sure to get the best outcomes from your workout session.

The Ultimate Thermo Fuel is a thermogenic fat burner supplement that improves the natural fat-burning ability of the body. A higher fat-burning ability leads to a reduction in excess body fat and a resultant reduction in weight.

As a reputable brand in the fat burner industry, Gen-Tec supplements has garnered a lot of positive reviews from users in Australia and even beyond. Casein Custard supplements and other Gen-tec supplements can be obtained at Fat Burners Only at affordable prices.

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