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  • Chi Metabolic Energiser by Slimtum
    Chi Metabolic Energiser by Slimtum
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    Chi by Slimtum  (30 Serves) Silimtum Chi is an extremely well formulated metabolic energiser. The ingredients used are all certified vegan and certified organic. It covers a wide variety of uses in one product; can be used as a pre-trainer, during trainer, post trainer, or even goes well while fasting or following a ketogenic diet.

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  • Lotus Metabolic Plant Protein by Slimtum
    Lotus Metabolic Plant Protein by Slimtum
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    Lotus Metabolic Plant Protein by Slimtum 400g Lotus by Slimtum is a high-protein, all natural meal replacement shake.  As a meal replacement, Lotus contains natural ingredients that reduce hunger and cravings, leaving you satiated and feeling good about your diet. Lotus also contains natural support for your metabolism and fat burning ingredients so you...

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  • Prometheus by Slimtum
    Prometheus by Slimtum
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    Prometheus by Slimtum (120 Capsules) Prometheus: A Greek God, who stole fire from heaven and gave it to man kind.  Slimtum brings the same fire once stolen from heaven and delivers it in this hot fat burner, Prometheus. Prometheus is a thermogenic lipolysis formula designed to launch your fat burning potential to new levels, Slimtum have developed an...

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  • Shiva by SlimTum
    Shiva by SlimTum
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    Shiva by SlimTum Shiva by Slimtum is a transdermal gel designed to reduce fat cells and firm skin to eliminate the appearance of cellulite. Australian made and animal friendly, Shiva contains a blend of high-quality natural ingredients, which includes natural oils and the highest quality naturopathic herbs, that are proven to penetrate the skin barrier...

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  • Valkyrie by Slimtum
    Valkyrie by Slimtum Product Image
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    Valkyrie by Slimtum (60 Serves - Flavours: Rum & Cola, Lemon Lime & Bitters, Strawberry Kiss, Pineapple Kiwi)  Slimtum Valkyrie is a kick-ass, high energy, low crash thermogenic fat burner. Valkyrie contains effective doses of the main ingredients for fat burning, including thermogenics, fat burning stimulants, fat mobilisers and insulin sensitisers (to...

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  • Yin & Yang by Slimtum
    Yin & Yang by Slimtum
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    Yin & Yang by Slimtum (1 Month Supply) 

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