MindBody Protein by All Good Nutrition

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Mind Body Protein Flavour

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MindBody Protein is a versatile plant-based protein powder supplement. It utilises a blend of gold hemp and pea proteins to provide a complete protein source. Additionally Mindbody protein contains nootropics and adaptogens, truly transforming this protein into a Mind & Body supplement.

Key Features

  • 26 grams of protein per serve
  • Vegan protein blend using hemp and pea sources
  • Aids Muscle Recovery 
  • Brain and mental health are prioritised and supported
  • Natural colours and flavours using plant extracts for sweetness
  • Sourced and produced in Australia

MindBody Protein by All Good Nutrition

MindBody Protein is a versatile plant-based protein powder supplement. It utilises a blend of gold hemp and pea proteins to provide a complete protein source. 
Plus it contains a Smart Bend of nootropics and adaptogens that specifically focus on offering nutrition for the mind, as well as the body. This offers an effective all-rounder, supporting your physical development and mental performance.

MindBody Protein Key Ingredients

  1. Protein blend

The plant protein blend is the main part of this product. It combines hemp and pea protein offering a complete protein profile without the soy-allergens.

This is a great way to get your full range of amino acids from a vegan source. These are key for muscle growth and proper recovery. They ensure you have all the raw materials your body needs.

They also improve metabolic and digestive health, offering a mid-absorption protein that you can use any time of the day. This makes it a great choice if you’re looking for a protein bump without worrying much about the fast- or slow-absorbing protein debate.

This product is also rich in omega-3 fats, which support proper mood regulation and hormonal health. This is another dual-benefit to mind and body!

  1. Smart blend

The smart blend in this product offers a number of metabolic and mental performance ingredients.

These are lion’s mane mushroom, MCTs, and B6

Lion’s mane mushroom is a popular mood and mental performance ingredient. It’s also found in the Brain Fuel mushroom tonic. This is a great natural, stimulant-free mood and focus booster.

MCTs are great for improving fat-metabolism and supporting sustainable energy release over time. This helps combat general fatigue and keep you at your best for longer.

B6 is a classic metabolism support vitamin – and one we could all do with more of. It improves your physical and mental energy levels so you can work, study, and work out better.

MindBody Protein Benefits: what is it for?

This is a great product for anyone who wants a natural brain- and body-boosting supplement.

The natural amino acids of a protein blend play well with the additional smart protein ingredients. The combination of Lion’s Mane with tyrosine, for example, is a great synergy for helping your mental health and performance.

The protein itself is an effective blend offering a complete protein source without soy!

MindBody Protein Verdict: how does it compare?

This is a great plant-based protein powder that brings some smart thinking!

It’s a great unique selling point that we really like. Lion’s mane is a great ingredient,0020and the smart blend complex is a great way to combine nootropics with the brain-supporting AAs in protein powder!

The result is a well-rounded protein powder that is perfect at any time of the day.