Pride Pre-Workout by EHP Labs

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Pride Pre-Workout Flavour

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Pride Pre-Workout by EHP Labs is a clinically dosed full strength pre-workout containing ingredients essential to performance. If you've been looking for the King of Pre-Workouts, you've arrived in the right place. 

Key Features

  • Off the bone pumps
  • 5 grams essential amino acids
  • 5 stage caffeine release (no crash formula)
  • Nootropics
  • Gluten - Free
  • Vegan Friendly

Pride Pre-Workout by EHP Labs

Renowned as ‘the King of Pre-workouts’, Pride Pre-workout formula is a premium, terrorising mega-blend of pump-smashing goodness. This formula consists of everything you need to dish out pumps of insanity for a full-blown, muscle-tearing workout every time!

Featuring the legendary Pentaffeine™ caffeine blend combined with a premium VASO complex, Pride Preworkout offers the very best in energy-unleashing madness while beating fatigue and staying razor-sharp during sets.

It’s also a vegan-friendly, gluten-free pre-workout product that won’t give you the jitters, but rather maximise your energy levels to keep you in the zone for longer!

Pride Pre-Workout Key Features

  • Features the unique Pentaffeine™ 5-Stage Energy Blend
  • 5G Amino Acids
  • 1.5 grams of Nitrosigine IHS

Pride Pre Workout Key Ingredients

Advantra Z 
Helps to increase metabolic rate and works synergistically with caffeine to stimulate the central nervous system (CNS) essentially making the caffeine more effective. It also has benefits for increasing performance as it allows more blood and oxygen being transported around the body. Essential Amino Acid blend (5g EAAs) An industry first in a pre-workout! We want your pre-workout to help prevent muscle breakdown, and improve endurance and recovery. Who said a pre-workout can’t do it all? Pride CAN! 

Essential Amino Acids 
With 5g of EAAs including methionine to help metabolize fat, lysine, tryptophan for mood boosting benefits, threonine for improved muscle strength and contractions, phenylalanine for improved pain tolerance and rate of perceived exertion and histidine to help offset lactic acid build up in your muscles! 

Branched Chain Amino Acids 
PRIDE contains BCAAs leucine, isoleucine and valine in the correct 2:1:1 ratio! BCAAs help to transport oxygen and increase endurance, while also assisting with recovery by helping to prevent muscle breakdown! 

Pump/ Vaso Blend (7.5g of actives) 
We’ve used the newest technology and research to bring to you a pre-workout that delivers INSANE pumps without the tingles or jitters! Get ready for skin-splitting, off the bone PUMPS and ‘python’ veins! 

Nitrosigine IHS 
1.5 grams of Nitrosigine IHS per serving helps to boost nitric oxide improving vasodilation and blood flow to muscles. An added bonus is that you don’t build up a tolerance to this ingredient! It can also help improve recovery and markers of muscle damage due to exercise. 

A whopping 5 grams per serving of L-Citrulline assists with helping you get an awesome pump due to improving blood flow and vasodilation. Your selfie game will be stronggg! 

Betaine Anhydrous 
We’ve included 1 gram per serving of Betaine Anhydrous as it helps the body adapt to stressors such as training while also increasing blood flow to muscles. 

Super Nootropic Blend (1650mg of actives) 
We all know of the importance of the mind muscle connection and PRIDE does not forget this! Nootropics have been included in this product to give your brain the ultimate BOOST! If you’re wanting to sharpen your mind while having the best workout of your life then PRIDE is the pre-workout for you! 

500mg per serving of Taurine have been included to help boost your energy, mood and metabolism while improving exercise performance! What’s not to love? 

Feel your mood improve with 1g of Tyrosine per serving! Tyrosine can also assist with alertness and attention which can be important while lifting heavy. 

Get ready to focus in better than ever with 100mg of Phosphatidylserine in each serving of Pride! This ingredient has shown to have memory and cognition benefits AND can also be beneficial in helping to reduce muscle soreness! 

Theobromine 50mg 
Have you ever wondered why chocolate can not only taste so good but make you feel good too? Look no further than Theobromine, one of the properties in chocolate responsible for that good mood feeling! Pride has 50mg of Theobromine per serving which not only has mood boosting benefits but also improves cognition and energy! 

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