L-Glutamine by Athletic Sports

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L-Glutamine by Athletic Sports is a high quality 100% pure glutamine supplement. Perfect for those looking to improve recovery, build lean muscle and support digestive health.

Key Features

  • Aids Muscle Recovery
  • Build Lean Muscle Tissue
  • Support Immune System and Gut Health
  • 100% pure Glutamine

L-Glutamine by Athletic Sports

L-Glutamine by Athletic Sports is a high quality 100% pure glutamine supplement. This is the most abundant amino acid found in the body which to us means the most important. Although L-Glutamine can be obtained through diet, in some circumstances it has been found supplementing with L-Glutamine will help with the increase in the body’s demand for it. L-Glutamine will help with recovery by increasing muscle protein synthesis and also gut health by supporting immune system function.

Nutritional Panel

L-Glutamine by Athletic Sports Nutritional Panel

Athletic Sports Glutamine Nutritional Panel

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I take L-Glutamine?

    If you’re training intensively, 10-15g of glutamine per day should be enough. For moderate training, the standard L-glutamine dosage is 5g (1tsp) to be taken post-workout with protein ideally.

  • When should I take L-Glutamine?

    To really cash in those glutamine benefits, you’ll want to integrate it after you work-out as this is when your glutamine levels will be at their lowest. Mix one serve in with your protein supplement after training to get the most benefit. You can also supplement with L-Glutamine in the morning and/or before bed.

  • Is Glutamine good for Gut Health?

    In both healthy and stressed individuals, glutamine is a fuel source for cells in the small intestine and large bowel. It is the preferred fuel source by the gut and is necessary for the maintenance of gut villi therefore preventing bacteria from entering the small intestine or bowel wall. Making Glutamine a great supplement to take not only for general gut health but also for leaky gut.