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Beta Alanine – ATP Science

Beta-Alanine is a rate limiting amino acid, meaning it controls the amount of a secondary product that exists in the human body. Beta Alanine works by increasing the amount of Carnosine in the muscle tissue. Carnosine is responsible for the buffering of Hydrogen, which is an accumulative toxin that rises as a result of high-intensity exercise and causes fatigue. Essentially, if you have more intramuscular Carnosine, you can clear lactic acid faster and train at a high intensity. Beta Alanine can also cause a tingling sensation on the skin. This is a very common and perfectly normal side effect and is actually stimulating the body's nerve endings which is brilliant for explosive power. ATP Science have sourced the highest quality and most effective Beta Alanine on the market for their product. ATP Science Beta Alanine is vegan, GMO free, as well as being free from sugar and gluten. Supplementing with Beta-Alanine daily has been clinically proven to improve workout intensity, boost explosive movement and increase aerobic endurance.

Beta Alanine benefits:

  • Increases muscle mass
  • Boosts explosive muscular strength and power
  • Increases muscular anaerobic and aerobic endurance
  • Increases exercise capacity
  • GMO free
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Sugar free


Who can take ATP Science Beta Alanine:

 Beta Alanine can be taken by men and women wanting to increase exercise endurance while maintaining explosive movement, power and strength.

How to use ATP Science Beta Alanine:

For best results add 1.2grams - 1.6grams of ATP Science Beta Alanine to water or your pre-workout 15-20 minutes before training



One of my must haves!

Hi, my name is Marielle.
Please note, I am a team member here at Fat Burners Only. This is a genuine review of the products I use and enjoy.

Beta Alanine is one of my favourite amino acids! I notice a major difference in my grip strength and explosive movements when taking Beta Alanine.

I also love the tingly feeling it gives you, makes me want to move! :P

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    Beta Alanine - ATP Science

    Beta Alanine - ATP Science

    Beta Alanine benefits:

    • Increases muscle mass
    • Boosts explosive muscular strength and power
    • Increases muscular anaerobic and aerobic endurance
    • Increases exercise capacity

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      • @ 21/06/2018 04:45 PM by Brooke Pohlmann
        TOTALLY IMPRESSED! I made First order 20/6 at 1045am and it arrived within 24 hours and I am out of town so even express post usually takes 2-4 days. This is the fastest shipping I have ever gotten! And to top its off a HAND WRITTEN welcome thankyou note from Tom! This is by far the Best customer service I have ever received! Thankyou FBO I will be telling all my friends about you and using you for all my supplement needs from now on!
      • @ 19/06/2018 07:47 AM by Georgia Thornton
        Super fast free postage and the cheapest products online. Thanks guys for the nice little message and art work on the delivery box, it brought a real nice human element to your service have an awesome week!
      • @ 14/06/2018 02:44 PM by Natalia Cogan
        Have been buying supplements with fat burners only for a few years now and love it! All the advise given, supplements Ive tried Ive never been let down! Everything is packed with love and is shipped out to you ASAP! Thank you so much Fi and Paul plus the team at fat burners only xo
      • @ 13/06/2018 05:32 PM by Aaron Stafford
        Incredible prices! FBO have definitely been helping me burn fat and not my cash. The staff are incredibly helpful and friendly. Postage is ridiculously fast and FREE!My only detractor is that I wish they had more ON products. But regardless of this, FBO is always a 5 stars in my opinion!
      • @ 12/06/2018 06:50 PM by Brent Walsh
        The staff take the time to pass on the knowledge on how to pick and use the right supplements for you making buying supplements a really enjoyable experience. Price and shipping speed are second to none
      • @ 07/06/2018 03:37 PM by Donna Olman
        Great products & service; bonus fast postage. Always great to deal with. Thanks
      • @ 01/06/2018 04:24 PM by Tori Gabbert
        AMAZING! i ordered for the first time two different shred powders 2days ago and it arrived today with a hand written note from Caitlin, it was a lovely surprise. thank-you to the team i will be definitely ordering more when i run out! highly recommended!
      • @ 30/05/2018 05:18 AM by Shakira Louise
        Good products. Fast and excellent service, will pack and ship within 24hrs of your order. Every time Ive purchased its arrived on time and Ive saved soooo much money! Thanks guys!!
      • @ 29/05/2018 08:56 AM by Paige Drewe
        Honestly the best supplement company around. Not only for their abundance range of products but their impeccable product knowledge. They arent just trying to make you buy the most expensive stuff, theyre giving you all the information to buy the right stuff for your body! Theyre informative vids are impeccable, but if you have any further questions the amazing team is always happy to answer. I would rate them a 10/5 if I could!
      • @ 25/05/2018 01:26 PM by Ghanshyam Sharma
        Ive known this team for almost 5 years. They are just amazing. 5 star for product price, customer service and product knowledge. Ive always had prompt response for any enquiries. I think these guys love what they are doing and do it with passion. I placed the order last night and the delivery is here this afternoon. I have no idea how they managed to do it. Well done to the Fat Burners Only Team and keep it up. You earned this review :)
      • @ 24/05/2018 09:04 AM by Katrin Mester
        They are the best! Delivery is always fast, customer service on point and I love that they always write a little note on my invoice :)
      • @ 22/05/2018 10:36 AM by Fahad Khan
        Hi Guys ! I just came in and bought some supplements from your store .. big thanks to your team for some very useful tips ! The gentleman at the front was quite knowledgeable
      • @ 17/05/2018 12:23 PM by Chloe Johnston
        My name is Chloe and I work for FBO however this is a genuine review on my workplace.I have never been seen an environment quite like Fat Burners Only, everyone is consistently putting in 100% to look after customers no matter what, whether it is writing personalised supplement schedules to cater for somebodies specific goal or health issue to creating and filming genuine content to educate people on what they are taking this team works day and night to be as accurate, helpful and as genuine as possible ( plus if you ever get the chance to come in we are a bunch of fun as well)We work on the having the best prices, best service and best products in the industry!
      • @ 17/05/2018 07:18 AM by Clayton Charman
        Great prices and a great bunch of people, will be a repeat customer . Thank you !
      • @ 16/05/2018 10:17 PM by Mathew Weston
        Great range with great prices and fast free delivery! Happy repeat customer
      • @ 11/05/2018 08:47 AM by Meaghan Griffiths
        You guys rock!! Best customer service and advice, love the little samples and handwritten notes. Super fast express post. From WA to Vic within 2 days. Keep up the awesome work <3
      • @ 10/05/2018 11:10 AM by Nita Nicole
        Friendly, informative and always willing to help. Amazing service
      • @ 10/05/2018 10:17 AM by Isabella Robinson
        Fat Burners Only smashes it out of the ball park in all areas. They have a massive range of products that suit all needs with great prices. Their customer service is by far the best I have experienced, alongside that they all have extensive knowledge of what they sell/benefits etc. All of that with free delivery is the bomb! My first and only choice :D
      • @ 09/05/2018 03:08 PM by Jaime Cook
        Incredible customer service, amazing prices (seriously, the cheapest Ive found) and free express shipping is just amazing. Cannot recommend higher.
      • @ 09/05/2018 10:04 AM by Holly Lutze
        Best service and the shipping is also extremely fast highly recommend !!!!!
      • @ 09/05/2018 09:20 AM by Liza Barnes
        great customer service very helpful on answering all my questions ! cant wait to purchase more supps :)
      • @ 04/05/2018 02:48 PM by Roger Sutherland
        Placed order on Wed. One of the products was out of stock, got a follow up call to check if it was ok to replace with another of equal quality. Came home from work on Thurs and package was already delivered to Melbourne. Just over 24hrs later.A lovely touch with a hand written note on the invoice.Cheapest price. Free delivery Overnight delivery across the country.Highly recommended company.
      • @ 26/04/2018 11:24 PM by Jonita Jacobs
        The prices are great and the service is amazing!! ThankYOU for my little personal notes with my delivery!!! I love it! Definitely my #1 supplement shop
      • @ 20/04/2018 09:25 AM by Megan Jane
        Ordered ATP products. Good prices, great product. Free delivery and very quick postage. Love the hand written note in with my package .
      • @ 18/04/2018 09:09 PM by Shardae Eynon Pompey
        Fast and reliable service! Always packaged correclty and the best online price! Great knowledgable videos on products! Have made so many purchases from Fat Burners Only!
      • @ 17/04/2018 05:16 PM by Gareth Whinspa
        Really great service and super fast delivery. Great communication as well. Love you guys.
      • @ 13/04/2018 04:49 PM by Nicola Rattley
        Amazing service! Very quick delivery. Had questions about how to take my purchases and called the same day I received my order. Got amazing service over the phone and then an email sent within the hour outlining what we had discussed. Would definately recommend these guys and will be purchasing again :-)
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