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NOWAY Protein – ATP Science


NOWAY Protein is a high-quality Collagen derived protein that is specifically formulated to activate two essential signaling pathways, AMPk and mTor. These two pathways are responsible for fat loss and muscle gain respectively. There's a tonne of science to back up this amazing protein, but without jumping down the rabbit hole too deep, we like to explain NOWAY as; 1. You won't bloat, 2. You'll recover darned fast (Goodbye sore muscles!) 3. It's a different texture, not milky, it tastes' delicious but is mild, not like a very sweet milkshake. 

Also, NOWAY is low carb, Dairy Free (though not vegan friendly), Gluten Free, Gut Friendly with nothing artificial (colours, flavours etc) 100% Natty!

PS. If you like to geek out, we have a full deep dive into the science behind this #awesomesauce over at our blog: ATP Science NOWAY Protein – Top 10 Facts you need to know. Alternatively, you can check out the 5 min video below where Paul breaks down the science behind NOWAY Protein.

PPS. If you already know and love everything about Noway, you can pick it up with a cheeky discount over on our NOWAY Twin Pack Product Page. (You're welcome!)

ATP Science NOWAY Protein Benefits:

  • Activates both fat burning and lean muscle tone pathways
  • Aids with Muscle Recovery
  • Supports Healthy Connective Tissue Repair (Hair, Skin & Nails)
  • May help to reduce joint pain
  • May provide symptomatic relief of Gut Conditions (eg. Crohn’s, leaky gut)

Noway Review - Video :

Who can take NOWAY Protein by ATP Science?

NOWAY Protein is suitable for all healthy non-vegan/vegetarian men and women looking for a high-quality Protein.

NOWAY Protein Nutritional Panel:


Ingredients & Dosage
IngredientsIngredients: BODYBALANCE, Theobroma cacao, natural chocolate flavour, xanthum gum, natural caramel flavour, natural vanilla malt flavour, sea salt, stevia.
DosageDirections: Mix 1 heaped scoop of NOWAY in 250ml of water in a shaker or blender. Can be mixed in with your favourite smothie, added it to pancakes or in baked goods.PROTIP: This protein has the tendancy to clump when mixed in cold water - we recommend mixing or shaking NOWAY with room temperature water and adding ice after for a cool refreshment.

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NOWAY Protein – ATP Science

NOWAY Protein – ATP Science

NOWAY Protein – ATP Science 


Noway Protein is a fat burner protein supplement manufactured by ATP Science. Noway protein a single container of 55 serves and contains all the essential proteins (unlike most fat burners only) you need in your fat burning process. Most products that act as fat burners only often contain proteins alongside their main constituents, however, Noway Protein contains majorly protein from natural sources.

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