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Block E3 + Subcut - ATP Science

We all know you can't spot reduce fat through exercise & doing crunches isn't going to lose that spare tyre. That was true until now!


Subcut by ATP Science is a body-shaping serum, that turns the myth into truth - you can target specific stubborn areas of fat! Subcut acts by targeting localised fat deposits that can be hard to get rid of such as on thighs, hips and buttocks for women and on the chest and stomach for men. It does this by mobilizing fat cells and making them more bioavailable to enzymes that break them down into a major fuel source. To top it off, Subcut is a firming serum, reintroducing elasticity into the skin to make it tighter and smoother. Subcut is also great for those who find they have plateaued in their weight loss through simple workouts and healthy eating.


Block E3 by ATP Science is a powerful serum aimed at inhibiting estrogen receptors. People often find their bodies have accustomed themselves to an over production of estrogen which leads to retention of fat in those typically stubborn areas. The blocking of these estrogen receptors allows the body to rebalance the androgen to estrogen ratio increasing lean muscle mass production and fat mobilization. It also ensures estrogen doesn't return to storing fat in it's favourite places!


Although these two products work well separately, they work perfectly in synergy. While Subcut ensures reduction of localised adipose tissue through mobilizing fat cells, Block E3 inhibits estrogen receptors, ensuring these stubborn fat deposits aren't simply replenished. Without Block E3, there is a chance that fat stores on hips, thighs, buttocks and chest (for men) could return due to estrogen dominance. Hence, taking these products together destroys the fat and stops it from returning! Combining these products is solution and prevention, the ultimate attack strategy.


  • Subcut is designed to be applied before a workout or in the morning after a shower.
  • E3 is designed to be applied after the workout or before bed after a shower.
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Fiona H 03/04/2018

Blown Away by the Changes

The first time I used the Block E3 before bed and after showering I was SO excited in the morning, my skin appeared firmer and smoother. With a massive reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Subcut you really need to use before exercise (cardio) I've noticed big changed using both on my stomach and the back of my arms. LOVE these products :)

*Hi, my name is Fiona. Please note, I am a team member here at Fat Burners Only. This is a genuine review of the products I use and enjoy.

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Kristy Y 26/01/2016

Love this

Always struggled with reducing cellulite and fat around my thighs and bum. No matter how much dry brushing or squats I did at the gym. But using these creams two weeks now and can already see a difference. My skin has definitely tightened and reduced the appearance of my horrid cellulite. Best price which I've found too.

  • 4 out of 4 people found this review useful.

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Block E3 + Subcut - ATP Science

Block E3 + Subcut - ATP Science


Breaks down fat and increases metabolism Increases the bodies utilization of fat as a primary fuel source Mobilizes fat from subcutaneous fat storage sites Breaks down hard to move fat around the inner thighs, hips & under arms Formulated to tighten, smooth & firm areas of the body For both men and women Tones & increases the firmness of the skin Reduces the appearance of cellulite Increases antioxidant levels Renews and regenerates the dermal connective tissue Hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine for sensitive skin The Body shaping serum Secret weapon for bodybuilders, physique & fitness models Improve muscle definition Works synergistically with oral fat burners

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BLOCK E3 BENEFITS:Estrogen dominance can reduce muscle mass, decrease muscle fibre size. Estrogen dominance can increase inter-muscular fat thereby reducing muscle definition. Estrogen dominance can increase fat deposits and accumulation in isolated regions creating an oestrogen dominant body shape. Increased aromatase activity increases estrogen and lowers testosterone

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