PCOS Stack by ATP Science -,Alpha Venus, T432, Adrenal RX, Multifood

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PCOS Stack by ATP Science

Introducing the Fat Burners Only PCOS Stack:

With PCOS becoming diagnosed more and more, one common question we get from ladies is, “I have just been diagnosed with PCOS, what supplements would you recommend?” Now with PCOS, what we need to stress is that there also needs to be a lifestyle change as well as adding in supplements that will improve this lifestyle change.

With regards to supplements, however, these are a few that are a great help; 

T432 Plus – This helps to balance insulin sensitivity, promote a healthy thyroid conversion pathway system, increase metabolic function and also contains a good source of Zinc which is great for the skin, an area often shown as an external representation of PCOS. 

Alpha Venus – This helps to balance the Estrogen and Androgen Ratio to normal levels in the body to enable the correct conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen during the cycle, which will help to limit the cystic activity of the ovaries. Alpha Venus will also work to detoxify your body of any estrogen dominance, which can help with moving stubborn fat in estrogen storage areas (stomach, back of arms, glutes, thighs & hips). 

Multi-food – Helping to improve the detoxification pathways, Folate and conversion pathways in the body and also is a great source of Zinc to help block the 5-Alpha Reductase pathway to DHT in the body which may assist with the Hair Thinning and the Acne too. 

Adrenal RX by ATP Science is designed to help control cortisol levels within the body, cortisol is secreted from your adrenals glands in response to stressful times (like big hormonal changes). Cortisol is actually great for us in small amounts, helping to carry out functions within the body, however too much cortisol secreted over a period of time can cause all types of havoc on the body like,

  • Rapid Weight gain
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Bloating
  • Digestive upset
  • Low energy, focus, mood and energy
  • Insomnia
  • Increase feelings of stress

Adrenal RX will help to control and regulate your cortisol levels helping to eliminate the above symptoms.  One of the reasons why we LOVE Cort RX is that it will help to ensure your Cortisol levels are spiking at the right times through out the day, massively helping to regulate energy levels and improve sleep quality/length. 


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PCOS Stack by ATP Science -,Alpha Venus, T432, Adrenal RX, Multifood

PCOS Stack by ATP Science -,Alpha Venus, T432, Adrenal RX, Multifood

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