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Bikini Athlete Stack - ATP Science

The ATP Science range is amazing from beginning to end, so it's hard to choose the right combination of products. Here at FBO we've picked out a few products that we think are the top of the range and will benefit anybody in their fat loss journey. The Bikini Athlete Stack, named after our athlete, Ainsley, is perfect for anybody looking to support a healthy metabolism, decrease the symptoms of over stress and mobilize stubborn fat deposits. Suitable for either men or women, this stack focuses on reducing the side effects of high cortisol levels (Cort RX), supplementing a healthy metabolism with the right nutrients (T432) and burning stubborn fat deposits accumulated through estrogen dominance (Alpha Venus/Alpha Prime). This stack will be your body's best friend!


Alpha Venus

Alpha Venus has been formulated to improve estrogen to androgen ratio for the purpose of manipulating body shape and our metabolism. Increasing the androgen: estrogen ratio will help your body enhance fat loss whilst increasing lean muscle mass. 

Alpha Prime

Alpha Prime by ATP Science is the perfect androgen supplement catered to the needs of modern men. Testosterone levels are prone to fluctuation and generally decline for men as they age with factors such as diet, stress and exercise playing major roles. Sustaining youthful levels of testosterone as one ages is becoming harder and harder and can have major impacts on body shape and metabolism. Which is why ATP Science has created Alpha Prime - specifically catered to help men increase lean muscle mass and sustain healthy fat loss through increasing androgen levels.

Cort RX

Do you suffer from stress? Yes! ATP Science has introduced the much awaited and anticipated Cort RX, an adrenal cortex support supplement which helps the body adapt efficiently to external stress, as well as help reduce the severity of internal stressors we experience daily such as: emotional stress, insomnia, pain, fatigue and exercise; all of which can cause a barrier to you achieving weight loss! 

T432 Plus

T432 PLUS by ATP Science is the master superfood metabolic aid you've been waiting for. Combining traditional Ayurvedic, Chinese and South American medicinal ingredients, T432 PLUS is a mix of critical superfoods supplemented with Zinc, Selenium and Iodine to maintain a healthy and functioning metabolism. Creating the ideal hormone profile, T432 PLUS ensures your body is metabolising the calories you consume in a day and ensuring your body shape doesn't fluctuate drastically.

When to take Venus, Prime, Cort RX, and T432

Alpha Venus (females) is designed to take in the morning with breakfast and again with dinner. The dosage is dependent on the individual, start with 4x capsules a day, and increase as results require.
Alpha Prime (males) is designed to take in the morning with breakfast and again with dinner. The dosage is dependent on the individual, start with 4x capsules a day, and increase as results require.
Cort RX is designed to take two ways:
1. 3x capsules before bed for improving sleep.
2. 2x capsules with breakfast, lunch, and dinner for adrenal fatigue.
T432 Plus is designed to take 2x a day. The dose is dependent on the individual, start with 2x capsules with breakfast, and lunch. You can go up to 6-8x capsules a day.




Marielle C 11/07/2018


Hi, my name is Marielle.
Please note, I am a team member here at Fat Burners Only. This is a genuine review of the products I use and enjoy.

I have been using Alpha Venus, T432 PLUS and Cort RX for over a year now. Both at the same time and individually.
When I have used the 3 as a stack I notice huge progress with my well being, increase in fat loss, reduced stress levels and I my sleep is great!

I have PCOS, I found that the above stack helped me so much within managing my symptoms.

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ATP Science - Bikini Alpha Venus Stack

ATP Science - Bikini Alpha Venus Stack

Alpha Venus Benefits:

Detoxify estrogen Block estrogen excess at receptor site Boost anabolic androgens, DHEA and progesterone Reduce catabolic cortisol from stress

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Alpha Prime Benefits:

Increases lean muscle mass Aids in fat mobilisation Increases virility and libido Increases sperm quality and quantity Helps maintain healthy bone density Fights depression and melancholy

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Cort RX Benefits:

Helps the body to adapt efficiently to external stress Reduces the severity of internal stress from toxic, immune and inflammatory triggers Takes the burden off the adrenal gland and has a sparing effect on cortisol Helps to restore healthy cortisol fluctuations Anti-catabolic by reducing the damaging effects of cortisol in response to stress, training and stimulants Improve resilience Supports healthy digestion, detoxification and antioxidant defence systems Supports healthy immune system function Potent anti-inflammatory Pain reliever

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T432 PLUS Benefits:

Maximise Thermogenesis and Basal metabolic rate Correct insulin resistance Control appetite and cravings Create ideal thermogenic hormonal profile

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