Noway Collagen Protein Jelly by ATP Science

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Noway Jelly Multipack Flavours

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Buy Noway Collagen Protein Jelly online – A multi-flavour dessert by ATP Science made with 70% collagen protein. A low-sugar, dairy-free protein jelly snack!

Key Features

  • High in Collagen Protein
  • Dairy Free
  • Low in Sugars & Fats
  • Nothing Artificial

Noway Collagen Protein Jelly by ATP Science

ATP Science is set to revolutionise how we view and consume desserts. Combining traditional sweet treats with healthier collagen protein blends, Noway Collagen Protein Jelly is a creative alternative to your regular sugar-laced fix!

Being 70% protein, our jelly is stacked with collagen protein peptides making it one of the highest protein desserts on the market.

Zero lactose and casein-based nasties means your body will thank you with every bite!

Featuring our BODYBALANCE® Collagen Protein composition, this naturally sweetened jelly snack consists of a unique protein structure that’s monumentally easier on the digestive system compared to meat and other proteins.

Our signature collagen blend is Brazilian made and packs over 15g of protein in every serving.

It’s a clear, extra firm jelly with nothing artificial added and includes three fruity flavours in the same box – Raspberry, Tutti-fruity and Lime. It’s so tasty that it’s difficult to fathom how such a delicious snack-like food could be so low in fat and sugar.

The perfect protein-based digestive aid following a hot, summer’s workout session with a cool, flavoursome consistency that’s gently on the stomach.

Noway Collagen Protein Jelly can be prepared in seconds and prepared in advance! Give this ultra-high collagen protein jelly a try today!

Noway Collagen Protein snacks:

Frequently asked questions

  • How many serves of ATP Jelly can I have per day?

    The jellies contain erythritol in the formulation which are between 11-13g per 100g (approx. 4 serves). FSANZ requires a laxative warning only if the level is ≥25g per 100g and each jelly is well below this level. However, some consumers may have different tolerance levels to laxatives and may need to exercise caution when consuming these products.

  • Is NOWAY Jelly vegan?

    No, the jelly range is not vegan, it does contain bovine collagen and gelatin.