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- Hey Burners. So Paul and I have just been finishing shooting some videos for the day and we're just having a chat about the things that we do outside other product videos because we know you guys see our product videos every week but perhaps some of the things you don't see are what we do behind the scenes, in our community, and with our community outreach. So, we thought we'd just come in, have a little bit of a chat about it and I think, to start with, you know, talking to you Paul, why we haven't sort of spoken about it to this point. We don't kind of promote that we do a lot of this stuff.

- It was always honestly just something that we didn't want to promote because I always had the sort of feeling that, you know, you want to do good stuff, of course, that's why we do what we do, but you don't want to use it as a marketing tool for example.

- Yeah.

- So you don't want your viewers and your customers and your team to say "Hey they're doing all this great stuff "and then just speaking about it to blow their own horn, "and to use it as marketing material" That's not why we do it.

- And it is a really hard thing to say nice things about yourself, you know,

- It is.

- We're in a culture where you just don't.

- You don't.

- Yeah.

- But you know, I sort of, I think we've got to a point where we've realised that because we can actually reach a good segment of the community that talking about it actually empowers people that actually see it to actually go "Wait a second, by supporting Fat Burners, "I'm actually doing a good thing." We're allowing them to go out and to donate to charities and help organisations and then it also shines a light on the actual organisation by raising awareness, and so with the small amount of people that might turn around and go "Hey, they're just doing it for marketing", I think will be massively off-set by the honest truth behind it which is spreading the word and empowering people to realise that they're doing great things by supporting us.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- And I think it also, we do also with our weekly giving goal we do some smaller stuff as well, which might encourage some of our Burners, you know, to give them a great idea, like "Oh I'm gonna go buy a keep cup this week, "I'm gonna do this or that."

- So, just firstly, what do, I know what it means, but what's the giving goal, you said it like everyone knows. What is our giving goal?

- So, a giving goal is something, we have a weekly huddle and we have a daily meeting, so our weekly huddle, the giving goal is something that we introduced maybe three or four months ago, and it was an effort for us to make giving back to the community, giving back to the environment, giving back to our loved ones, a steadfast part of our business. So, we always do as much as we can, but unless you're constantly thinking about giving back and unless you have a structure to give back within, quite often it will get put on the back burner because the business and the general day-to-day stuff just takes over.

- Takes over. Yeah, exactly.

- Some bikes coming through.

- We've got some motor bikes, yeah. So, what we do is at the start of every week when we've got our weekly meeting with our team,

- Yeah.

- It is non-negotiable, they have to tell us what their giving goal is for the week. And so, for example, mine about three weeks ago was that I was going to use less plastic and bring, for the entire week, my big 2.2 litre BPA-free water bottle in and fill it up through the tap, so I'm using less plastic and having less impact on the environment.

- Yeah.

- Yeah. What was one of yours?

- So, basically the giving goal can be for the environment like the one that Paul said or it can be for your loved ones, so one that, oh I think kind of this was another one of Paul's. He's really good at giving goals. So one of Paul's was to help one of his friends that was moving into our neighbourhood by storing some of his moving boxes in our garage, and then helping him to move them over to his house late at night. So that was a really nice example of a community giving goal. And then what else did we do?

- We do donations as well.

- Oh yeah.

- So, you know, we'll often get a team member saying "This charity means a lot to me, so this week"

- Like Chloe did buy a bale?

- Yes, she bought a bale during the drought.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, which honestly, also it made us buy a bale just by telling us. It was her giving goal for the week and we went out and did it too.

- Yeah, and that's

- Through that awareness.

- Yeah, exactly. A form of awareness. So that is our small weekly contribution that every single team member has a giving goal every week and we've made it, like I said, a steadfast part of our business so that it's non-negotiable, we're committed to it as much as we're committed to packing our Burners orders and getting them out the door. The other things that we do, is we do make, what I would call, you know, substantial contributions to other charities. So one charity that Paul's been working with for a really long time, for the past two decades, is Edmund Rice Camps For Kids. So I'd really love it if you spoke a little bit about Eddie Rice and what you do for them and with them.

- Yeah, so Edmund Rice Camps For Kids I started when I was just out of school at 17 years of age, and so they take at-risk kids away, either at the start of the year, middle of the year, and little mini camps throughout the year, from maybe bad environments or just to get them out into a group and a like-minded community where they can just relax and have fun and not feel judged for five days.

- Yes, exactly in a safe space.

- In a safe space. You know, I have seen kids that were at risk, they go through the programme and they come out, and they say things like "The Organisation saved my life" or "I would be on the street dealing drugs "but now I'm a personal trainer, and I love life", and it's Eddie Rice Camps that we have to thank for it. Not only is it really helping kids and the parents of these kids, but it also really helps the leaders who volunteer. So it's this double-sided coin where it positively affects the actual kids but the volunteers learn leadership skills, they learn social skills, how to make friends, how to coordinate a big group of people, and it's this massive rippling effect, you know, that provides opportunity for people to give back, and I know it changed my life and it made me see things differently, and I love the organisation. And so, I know, like you said, it's really hard to talk about the good things you do, but what we decided was, we started in 2017, when the business started to grow, thanks to you guys and your support, so we offer a big donation to those guys to actually pay for the accommodation for the entire year for all of the camps at a location. So I think there might be between 8 and 12 camps of 60 kids, and these camps last for four or five days. And so it's a huge accommodation bill, se we pay for all of the accommodation and then there's also some children that don't have the financial means to get on the camp but they need to be on the camp, and so

- Yeah, this is maybe living with grandparents or you know, not in a situation where they just don't have the money.

- They don't have the money to go, and so what we do is there usually is around between 20 and 30 kids that fall in this category, and we provide the funds for them to actually enter the system, so they can go on camp. So, we provide all the accommodation and we get the kids that can't afford to enter the system into the system.

- Yeah.

- And I, while I'm here, I just need to say, it's not, it is us, sort of donating but it's through the support that we get from our customers that do this.

- Absolutely.

- Thank you guys for coming and shopping with us because it allows us to do this.

- To do this cool stuff.

- To do this cool stuff, exactly. Last month, let's just say it, you know, we donated because of you guys over 6000 dollars

- Yes, six and a half grand.

- To the McGrath Foundation, which is an organisation that means a lot to us and our team.

- Yeah, yeah.

- And I've done a lot of talking about the charities so I'll handball this one to you. What did we do for our Christmas party this year?

- So, for our Christmas party this year, last year we did the big kind of fancy dinner and it was fantastic. We had a great night, we had a great time. And this year, you know, we've got such an incredible team that they would be happy if we took them to Grill'd for a burger, and it costs us, you know, bugger all. So this year, we basically said to them "Guys, do you want to do the big fancy Christmas party, "we can go to any restaurant you want, "you pick it, we'll take you there "or we have the alternative of going out "spending the same amount of money on gifts for a charity "called Twelve Buckets, and going shopping "buying all the gifts for the charity "and then just having our Christmas party at home, "everyone brings a plate, we'll have a big cook-up "and it will be a lot of fun". And because we do have such an amazing team, they opted for the second option.

- They didn't even think, they just said "Yup, no, we wanna do this". It was amazing.

- Yeah, it was pretty amazing. So, we went out and we bought over, I think it was almost a thousand dollars worth of presents for Twelve Buckets. So, Twelve Buckets run a mentoring program for kids in sort of under-privileged or lower socio-economic schools and we bought toys, we bought stuff for the kitchen, we bought books.

- Monopoly games, all that, yeah.

- Yeah, we had a really good time.

- So, that was our Christmas party. There was twelve of us with trolleys running around K-Mart and game stores and all that.

- Yeah, and then we just got a massive stack of presents

- Sitting right there.

- In the corner of the office.

- Yeah, they're all wrapped and ready to go.

- Drop off to them.

- That was a lot of fun.

- Yeah.

- So these are just some of the initiatives that we do because we have the opportunity to give back.

- Yeah, and that is, like Paul said, really thanks to our Burners for supporting us.

- And our awesome team.

- And of course, our awesome team.

- Yeah.

- From all of us, we appreciate you guys, and we definitely appreciate our team because it does allow us to do these kinds of things. So, I think that's enough from us.

- That's a long video, and if you've made it this far we really appreciate you watching.

- Yeah.

- Maybe if you've made it this far, send us a smiley face or something.

- Yeah, that would be nice. I made it.

- We made it through the volunteer donation video. It's hard to say, but as we said, we think that if we can spread the message of what you're doing by looking after us and the organisations out there, I think it will bring more good to the universe.

- To the world. And to our communities.

- Spread positivity.

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