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Published : 26/07/2017 13:38:27 | Categories : Fat Burner Reviews

Multifood by ATP ScienceGet in the bunker Burners! We are about to drop some knowledge bombs about the one supplement, every single person reading this should be taking, Multi Food by ATP Science!

In an ideal world, your body would receive all of the vitamins and minerals it needs from your daily nutrition. However, with our societies modern farming practices and the mass speed production of fruit and veg our fresh produce just isn’t what it used to be.

Even with a diet high in fresh organic produce it can be hard for your body to make up the right balance of all of the vitamins, minerals and co-factors it needs.

These nutrient balances are essential for all key systems in the body including;

- Energy production cycle in every cell of the body – the Kreb cycle
- The proper function and production of hormones
- The production of neurotransmitters
- A proper functioning immune system
- Digestive and systemic enzymes

If your vitamin and mineral balance is out of whack, it can create road blocks in certain biochemical pathways and if you are deficient in these same vitamins and minerals it can be impossible to force the body to change, making reaching your health and body composition goals feel as though you are fighting a losing battle. Some examples of how these deficiencies can effect key functions are as follows;

- Folate deficiency = inability to detoxify estrogen and contributes to obesity.
- Zinc deficiency = inability to control 5 alpha reductase and can’t fix testosterone:DHT ratios in acne.
- B5 deficiency = inability to control nervous systems and adrenal exhaustion.
- Vitamin c deficiency = scurvy = inability to regenerate collagen
- Magnesium deficiency = inability to switch off.
- Kreb cycle defect = no active transport pumps to absorb nutrients from gut, systemic fatigue, excessive metabolic waste.

So why not take a generic multi vitamin?

It is not well known by most Australians that most ‘natural’ vitamin supplements are synthesized in a lab. This process generally takes place as it is cheaper to manufacture and an easier process to standardize dosages.

However, by creating synthetic vitamin supplements our body misses out on key phytonutrients, polyphenols and other plant based nutrients. In addition to this, recent research has indicated that ongoing usage of synthetic Multi-Vitamins may slow the key system that is responsible for detoxification, elimination and conversion of hormones, neurotransmitters, xenoestrogens, pollutants etc.

ATP Science have searched the globe looking for farmers and scientists who have perfected the art of farming, processing and storage techniques to make food that is standardized to contain vitamins and minerals, naturally and have since created Multi-Food. A 100% natural, real, organic food source multi vitamin, with an ideal natural balance of nutrients to support your body’s needs.

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