All you need to know about Creatine Monohydrate

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Video Review: Creatine Monohydrate Review

[Transcript] -Hi there, it's Paul here from Fat Burners Only today to give the low down on probably the most well-known supplement on the market with the most clinical research, Creatine Monohydrate. So I just wanted to put together a quick two-minute video explaining what Creatine does and how it works. And the best way to take it to get the most out of this effective, fantastic supplement.

So, just to start with, the reason this is such a popular supplement these days is that it genuinely works and it's clinically tested. And it's super, super cheap, it's tasteless and colourless. So it just ticks all the boxes for a fantastic result.

So Creatine. Most people think that it just simply adds water weight and that hydraulic pressure will increase strength, which it does add water weight, and that is a by-product of the reason we take it.

Why you should consider using Creatine

So the reason we take Creatine is to increase ATP, or Adenosine Triphosphate in the muscle tissue. So what happens is as you're doing medium to heavy contractions at the gym, so moving weights, there's a molecule in our muscle called ATP. (Drawing) So there we go, there's our muscle. And as we do that heavy to medium muscle contraction ATP will break and release energy so we can make that movement or that contraction. Eventually, when the ATP reserves are gased out and our hydrogen ions are too high, the muscle will stop contracting and we can't do any more reps or we finish our set.

So what Creatine actually does is it jams more ATP into your muscle tissue. So what's happening is you've got more energy reserves to push out more weight and more reps of that weight. Now when you think of hypertrophy or muscle gains, it's all about the effort you put in towards getting the gains. So if you can actually get to 10 reps and it's easy and you stop the body doesn't need to adapt, and it won't grow. If you get to 10 reps and it's really, really hard the body says, wow, that was tough, I need to gain more muscle tissue so I can adapt to the next time Paul puts me through this.

Results of Creatine

So with Creatine and putting more ATP into your muscle tissue, you're not just increasing the reps by one or two, you're massively increasing that rep range for growth. So, you might go from 10 reps to 12 reps. But then you're getting an extra two reps past where you would usually fail. It's causing more hypertrophy and more little micro-tears in the muscle tissue allowing for the body to go, wow, I need to put on some muscle to adapt. And therefore you get your growth. So not only will you get muscle growth, and females will get a nice muscle tone, you also get that better performance out of it too. So better performance, and better body composition.

How to Take Creatine 

The best way to take Creatine Monohydrate, it is an amino acid and it does need to absorb through myofibril. So the best way to take it is with sugar and when the muscles are warm. With Monohydrate being the simplest form the Creatine molecule attached to a water molecule, what they've done is they've found out that you do need to load it into the system. So think of it as your body as a tank of water. So let's pretend we have an empty tank. And we start loading it up with Creatine. So the Creatine goes up. Once we get it to the top, we only need to top it up as it comes down and put a little bit more in.

So the best way to take Creatine Monohydrate is we space it out evenly for the first five days and take five grams or one heap teaspoon, four times a day. The best thing to mix it with is something that is sugary because that mild insulin spike you'll get from that sugar will increase the absorption of Creatine into the muscle tissue. So, you can take it with cordial, pineapple juice, grape juice, best not to take it with orange juice as the acidity will morph some of the creatine into creatinine which you won't absorb as ATP.

So best to take it with juices pineapple and grape or some sort of colloidal. Now, for the first five days, you do it four times a day evenly spaced out and that will fill up the tank and then after that, it's just once per day. Now it's really important that you don't miss a day. Because if you miss a day it goes down again when you start maintaining again, you'll only get up to that level, so you've got to take Creatine every day. It's very important to maximize the result.

The Best Time to Take Creatine

The other best time to take it again, when the muscles are warm, you'll open up the myofibrils so you can absorb that Creatine more effectively. So if you're training in your post work out shake is the best time to take Creatine especially if you're looking to gain muscle and you're putting some form of insulin spiking carbs in there, the insulin will help with the absorption and the warm muscles will help with the absorption as well.

So I always put my Creatine in my protein shake is the best way to go. Now, Creatine, and don't let this scare you, it will draw water out of your organs because it needs that water to store the ATP into your muscle tissue. So when you do take Creatine just make sure that you stay well hydrated. It'll keep the kidneys and the liver going more effectively and you will get a better result from Creatine.

So that is what it does and how to take it to get the best result. If you do have any other questions on Creatine, just send us a message via our Facebook page. Or you can go to the Today our website and ask us in the live chat or just go to our contact page and you can send us an email. Otherwise, have a great day. And we'll catch ya next time. Cheers guys.

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