Arnold's Favourite Supplement - L Glutamine - Video Review

Published : 23/05/2018 18:12:55 | Categories : Fat Burner Reviews , Video Reviews

Video Review: Arnold's Favourite Supplement - L Glutamine


[Transcript] - Hey burners, Paul here from Fat Burners Only, today to give you the lowdown on easily my favourite supplement out of any supplement that you can buy, L-glutamine. This one just happens to be in an ATP Science tub. So, I just wanted to put together a quick two-minute video just explaining to you what L-glutamine is, what it can do for you and how it could help you, and how to take it to get the most out of this fantastic supplement. So, it's really easy to explain what L-glutamine is. It's an amino acid, which is a protein. This one is made from corn, from ATP Science, and it's a colourless and tasteless powder. What it will do for you is the awesome thing about this supplement.

So, what it will do in terms of recovery for training, is if you picture the body like a house, the protein that you eat are the bricks of the house, so that turns into the actual house itself, but you need a man to build the house, and that's where glutamine comes in. So, glutamine is the builder of the house, will take the protein that you eat, and actually get that protein and repair those cross-fiber tears caused from training. And if your repairing those tears, you're not sore the next day, you can train harder and more often, and if you've repaired those tears, you've grown muscle, if you're a guy, or you've given yourself great muscle tone, if you're a female. But, that's not where it stops. It does a whole host of other fantastic things as well.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body, and is also responsible for repairing your gut lining and helping with digestion. It's also the amino acid that builds your immune system. It also helps with brain health at the same time. So, through what we currently do in our modern-day lives, of hard training and hard work, we don't consume enough glutamine to actually account for all of these things. So, if we are training hard, we might have enough glutamine to help repair the muscles, but we don't have enough to build our immune system and we can get sick. Or, if we get sick, we go to train and we can't recover, because the glutamine is being used to actually repair and build our immune systems.

So, supplementing with glutamine will help all of those functions, and will really improve a lot of things, not just recovery from training. However, like I said, that is the main reason why we use glutamine. You don't feel sore, you get bigger, and if you're a female, you get a really nice muscle-tone, and that's brilliant. That in itself, that's enough to take it. How do you take glutamine to get the most out of it? So, you can definitely take it in water and drink it. However, I've recently spoken to a PHD doctor that was doing studies on glutamine, and he actually wanted to prove that it didn't work, and he came in after he did the studies and said it is easily the best supplement he had ever seen, he said the one thing that he really found, though, was that it really, really kicked-in and worked when you took it with protein powder. So, like I said, when you're building your house with the bricks, you need the man to build it, take this with a protein powder and that's the best result that you're gonna get when taking it for muscle recovery and getting rid of muscle pain. Also, you can have it before bed to boost your natural human growth hormone production, which is pretty cool as well.

So, if you're having three shakes during the day, like I often do, for breakfast, after training, and before bed, I will put glutamine in every single one of those to make the most of that protein, and also do those little things, like help with digestion, and gut lining, and immune system, and brain health et cetera.

So, a fantastic supplement. If you do have any questions on glutamine, just hit us up on our website, at, or send us an email via our contact page, or just send us a message on our Facebook group, and we'll be happy to answer any questions that you have on glutamine or any other supplement that we have on the website. Otherwise, thanks for watching burners, we'll catch you next time. See ya.

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