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ATP Science Alpha Venus, Subcut + Block E3 Product Review 

alpha venus subcut block e3 atp science product review

How Estrogen Dominance can affect your fat loss goals and how does ATP Science products work?

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ATP Science is an innovative and advanced company dedicated to developing, Australian, first class natural supplements to help fix hormonal imbalances, reduce stubborn fat deposits and water retention. With our increasingly busy lifestyles and a constant exposure to plastics, chemicals and other toxins in our environment a growing percentage of the population are finding that they are struggling with a hormonal imbalance.

A Hormonal imbalance if left unchecked can lead to weight gain, water retention and reduced energy levels and may leave you feeling discouraged and unhappy about your weight loss progress. ATP Science's products, Alpha Venus (for Women) or Alpha Prime (for Men), Block E3 and Subcut, work together to reduce estrogen dominance and help rebalance the body's hormones to create an optimal environment for fat loss.

So what is a hormonal imbalance?

Estrogen and androgen (e.g. testosterone) are hormones produced naturally in both men and women. These two “sex hormones” are produced in specific ratios within the body and are responsible not only for a person’s femininity or masculinity, but also for numerous functions in the body such as; fat loss, muscle gain, bone density and cardiovascular health. By balancing these hormones to achieve an optimal ratio we increase our ability to manipulate body composition to meet our aesthetic goals.

If your hormones are “unbalanced” you may be producing too much of one hormone and not enough of the other. This can result in weight gain and water retention in certain areas of the body. One of the most common cases of hormonal imbalance is estrogen dominance.

Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance  

The symptoms of estrogen dominance in men and women can be widely varied but if you are suffering from some degree of estrogen dominance you may relate to some of the following symptoms:


Estrogen dominance in Women:

-          Weight gain in “Estrogen dominant” areas such as the mid-lower stomach, thighs and hips. (below highlighted areas).

-          Mood swings, irritability and depression

-          Aches and pains

-          Irregular periods

-          Low libido

-          Insulin resistance


Estrogen dominance in Men:

-          Weight gain in “Estrogen dominant” areas such as the mid-lower stomach and lower back. (below highlighted areas).

-          Erectile dysfunction

-          Fatigue

-          Low libido

-          Slow muscle development

-          Breast growth (man boobs)


Why does Estrogen dominance Occur?

One of the key reasons estrogen dominance is becoming so common in our current society is due to our frequent exposure to toxins and chemicals that are now present in our environment. Many products we use on a daily basis can contain harmful chemicals that have an “estrogen-like” effect in the body. These are known as Xeno-Estrogens.

Some examples of common products potentially containing harmful Xeno-Estrogens are;

-          Skin Care Products (including some sun lotions, shampoos and moisturizing lotions containing parabens)

-          Plastic drink bottles and eating containers containing BPA

-          Foods which are treated with pesticides, or contain artificial colours & preservatives

-          Some household cleaning products such as detergents or laundry liquids.

-          Personal Care products (including chlorine treated tampons, menstrual pads, toilet papers etc) 


When absorbed or consumed Xeno-Estrogens will have an “estrogen like” effect and increase the total amount of estrogen in the body, potentially causing estrogen dominance. Xeno-Estrogen is not a natural source of estrogen and is not biodegradable therefore, the body cannot easily breakdown and expel it or use it as a normal hormone. Instead the body “red-flags” Xeno-Estrogen as a foreign compound or a toxic substance and stores it in our fat deposits to prevent it from entering the blood stream and interacting with the body further.

Estrogen dominance and Fat Loss

Once Xeno-Estrogen is stored in these “estrogen dominant” fat deposits (see Fig 1) the body no longer recognizes them as a viable source of fuel but sees it only as a toxic compound within the fat deposit. Furthermore making  it incredibly hard to lose fat from those stubborn areas, as the body will only register it as a foreign hormone, keeping it locked away in with our stubborn fat.

Resulting in the ever so common struggles many men and women find when trying to lose weight:
Ladies: “I just can’t lose these last 5kg around my tummy, and hips.”
Gents: “I just can’t get my lower abs to pop”

Sound Familiar?

(Fig 1)

atp science estrogen dominance in men and women

How do I fix Estrogen dominance and avoid Xeno-Estrogen?

If your want to remove all Xeno-Estrogen from your body you would need to buy only hormone free/grass fed meat, eat only organic vegetables, buy a $1200 water filter, use only hemp based soaps, cook all your own meals and lock yourself away for the next 50 years to protect yourself from those nasty Xeno-Estrogens.  Although I’m sure all of these tips will help, we certainly aren’t all perfect when it comes to leading a 100% chemical free, organic, wholesome lifestyle. So this is where ATP Science’s range of natural supplements come in handy to help rebalance your hormones and flush out that Xeno-Estrogen from our bodies. 

ATP Science - ALPHA VENUS (For Women) & ALPHA PRIME (For Men)

ATP Science’s Alpha Venus and Alpha Prime are carefully formulated “E-Tox” (Estrogen Detox) supplements designed to help remove excess estrogen and Xeno-Estrogen from the body. Alpha Venus and Alpha Prime work to metabolize stubborn Xeno-Estrogen deposits, around the stomach, hips and thighs, back into regular fat deposits so that the body can recognize them as a fuel source and begin to utilize these fat deposits as a viable source of energy throughout the day. Alpha Venus and Alpha Prime also work on restoring an optimal estrogen to androgen ratio within the body to create the perfect environment to increase fat burning and muscle tone.

Alpha Venus (for women) includes a small addition in its new formula when comparing to the original formula that is Alpha Prime (for men). Chaste Tree Berry Extract or Vitex agnus-castus was added to Alpha Venus for its ability to restore a normal estrogen/progesterone balance in females, reduce PMS, and improve menstrual regularity. For women who find themselves not well suited to Vitex or prefer to take their Vitex separately, it is perfectly suitable to take Alpha Prime instead.

If your main aim is to reduce body fat percentage then we highly recommend combining your Alpha Venus or Alpha Prime with ATP Science’s Transdermal Creams Block E3 and Subcut which are available in our Alpha Stack. 

ATP Science - BLOCK E3

ATP Science’s Block E3 is a high quality and powerful  transdermal cream. All of the ingredients in Block E3 are carefully tested to ensure they can break through the skin barrier and be absorbed into the stored fat deposit beneath the skin. It is most effective when applied to Xeno-Estrogen typical fat deposits see Fig 1. Once the Block E3 reaches the Xeno-Estrogen fat deposit it works by inhibiting estrogen receptors which effectively metabolizes the Xeno-Estrogen deposit back into a regular fat deposit, which can then be recognized and utilized by the body as a viable fuel source. Block E3 also helps to reduce estrogen related fluid retention giving the skin a firmer and more toned appearance.

Block E3 is also incredibly effective for women who struggle with the appearance of cellulite on the back of the legs or other areas. This is a common occurrence for many women towards the end of their menstrual cycle, as the body releases enzymes which breaks down collagen that is responsible for holding in the endometrial tissue of the uterus.  Applied to the back of the legs, or wherever the cellulite presents most visibly, Block E3 will help to maintain the collagen layer just under the skin in the affected area. The presence of the collagen layer will help to give the skin a smoother appearance and obscure the subcutaneous fat and fluid beneath. 

ATP Science - SUBCUT

ATP Science's ground breaking transdermal cream Subcut has finally unlocked the ability to “spot reduce” fat deposits. When applied to the areas you wish to target the most, Subcut works by mobilizing subcutaneous fat deposits (fat below the skin) directly into the blood stream to be oxidized (burnt) as a source of energy.

Subcut is perfect for those who have hit a plateau in their weight loss program, who are looking for a natural effective product to kick start their fat loss again, or for the competitive athletes looking to bring out their muscle definition and striations in the short weeks before stepping out on stage. Once the subcutaneous fat is mobilized into the blood stream it is crucial to utilize that “freed up” fat as a source of energy to prevent it from redepositing itself back onto the body. As such Subcut is at its most effective when applied just after  taking your thermogenic fat burner or just before physical activity.

Conclusion on ATP Science Products 

With ATP Science's ground breaking and natural products there is no need to let estrogen dominance and hormonal imbalance get in the way of you achieving your aesthetic goals. Now you are armed with the knowledge you need to move forward and make the right decisions to create an optimal environment in your body to increase fat loss. If it is estrogen dominance that you are struggling  with, we recommend to practice tidying up your lifestyle and diet, make conscious decisions to avoid harmful Xeno-Estrogens and focus on smart natural supplementation to suit your goals.

We cannot give a high enough recommendation to the ATP Science Alpha Stack as a starting point for combating estrogen dominance. Alpha Venus/Prime, Subcut and Block E3 work perfectly in synergy to not only effectively rebalance your hormones but also to help create an optimal environment for targeted fat loss. If you have any questions about the ATP Science range or would like to talk more about which of these products are best suited to your needs. Get in touch with our expert team via our Contact Page.

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