Australia's Best Selling Fat Burner by EHP Labs

Published : 08/09/2021
Australia's Best Selling Fat Burner by EHP Labs

[Transcript] - Hi burners, Paul here from Fat Burners Only to give you the lowdown on Australia's most popular fat burner, and the best-selling product on our entire website, EHP Labs OxyShred.

So, there's a reason why this is Australia's top-selling fat burner. The first reason is, it's really for everyone. So it's not too strong that it's going to bug you out, but it is strong enough that you'll get a nice, clean energy boost and you're gonna burn body fat.

I think the second reason why it's so popular is it tastes amazing, and it comes in six fantastic flavours. So you've got the most popular, which is the kiwi- strawberry.You've got your passion fruit, pink grapefruit, mango. You've also got guava paradise and watermelon as well. So the ingredients in this guy are really, really smart.

They put a really good dose of Vitamin C initially, so it's gonna actually block cortisol and boost your immune system, which is always nice. They put some inulin fibre in here as well, which is gonna keep you full, and it's been shown to clinically sweep through the visceral fat and get rid of that nasty visceral fat in our system as well. They put caffeine in here, at about a dose of 150 milligrammes, so that's about two cups of coffee. It's gonna boost your energy levels, increase your thermogenesis in having you burning more calories, and with that energy, you're gonna train harder as well. They also put in some raspberry ketones, so that's gonna boost your core body temperature and have you burning more calories from food.

They put some African gourd mango in there too, and so people love that ingredient at the moment. And they also put in some grapefruit seed extract. Now, this ingredient is shown to increase our bodies' production of leukatones. And leukatones can join our ab cave pathway, which is a fancy way of saying it's going to burn body fat. The grapefruit seed extract as well, is also shown to help reduce cellulite, so that's always a nice thing to hear, too.

With OxyShred, I always recommend taking it with carnitine and CLA So the carnitine is gonna make sure the calories that this is burning is coming from body fat, and the CLA is gonna make sure that that fat comes from the really hard-to-move areas on the stomach for guys, and the stomach and the thighs, for girls. That stack, on our website's called the OxyShred Top Stack, if you're interested. Anyway, back to OxyShred. If you do want OxyShred, today, you'll have it for the cheapest price in Australia.

When you buy one, or take advantage of our tier pricing system, buy two or three, and get it even cheaper. With our tier pricing system, however, you don't need to buy the same product. You can buy three different products. For example, you could buy this one, this one, and this one, and still get the cheapest price on all three products. Remember, on Fat Burners' Only, we're free and far shipping, no matter how much you spend.

So, come to, and check out Australia's best-selling fat burner, EHPLabs OxyShred. Cheers, burners.

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