Best Fat Burning Protein of 2017

Published : 16/02/2017 12:33:37

Best Fat Burning Protein of 2017 best fat burning protein of 2017

Protein is one of the most well-known and used supplements in the world, but why do we take it? How do protein supplements work to change body composition, improve recovery, performance, and assist with fat loss?  Contrary to popular belief protein will not ‘bulk you up’ but can help to improve lean muscle and further aid with fat loss. Protein also aids in constructing hormones, enzymes, nucleic acids, and immune-system components. Without sufficient amounts of protein, our bodies can't put together the structures that make up every cell, tissue, and organ, nor can it create the substances needed for muscle contraction, growth, and healing. Without an adequate amount of protein our muscles wouldn't recover as quickly and could lead to overtraining your muscle which can lead to injury and a plateau in fat loss. The best time to consume a protein shake is after your training session, this ensures protein is quickly absorbed and delivered to your nutrient hungry muscles and can begin healing the micro tears caused by intense contractions of your muscles during your session.


Let’s get to the big question, how can protein decrease my body fat?

To answer this question, we must first understand the nuts and bolts of some side effects our bodies experience when losing body fat.

Weight loss doesn’t always equal fat loss, when you decrease your body fat it’s inevitable that you lose some lean muscle mass when the goal is to preserve lean muscle tone and reduce subcutaneous fat (under the skin) and visceral fat (surrounds organs). Another side effect of losing weight is that the metabolic rate can decrease, a caloric deficiency and high activity can see your body burning less calories through the day as to try and preserve your fuel (food consumed) for when it requires the energy.


Now we know and understand what can happen when losing body fat, next step, how do we minimise these side effects? Higher protein consumption increases levels of satiety (appetite reducing) hormones while reducing cravings. By replacing carbohydrates and fats with protein you reduce your hunger hormone, resulting in less binging that can ultimately lead to weight gain. Taking Protein supplements helps to increase the quality of lean muscle mass, protecting your muscles from being utilised as energy. A higher quality of muscle increases your basal metabolic rate, this determines how many calories your body burns throughout the day just to function, this also helps contribute to your metabolism rate. Strong, well developed lean muscle tissue requires more energy than fat, increasing your muscle mass will increase your basal metabolic rate enhancing your fat loss.

If you haven’t introduced protein supplements into your diet because you’re afraid that you’ll ‘bulk’ up, then your cheating yourself of the progress you deserve and work extremely hard for.


Here at Fat Burners Only headquarters we have tasted, sourced and researched the best proteins for our Burners, ensuring high quality ingredients, amazing flavour selections and complete range for all types of dietary requirements and body composition goals.

Here are our top proteins of 2017

Best Value Protein, Bio Furnace by Bio Flex

Our favourite value for money protein Bio Furnace is the perfect protein shake for anybody looking to lose weight and increase lean muscle. The BCAAs and glutamine included in the product work as effective recovery aids, working in conjunction with fat burning ingredients to help you burn more fat as fuel. Boasting with over 24grams of protein per serve and containing less than 1gram of carbohydrates and fats per serve. All the ingredients contained in this shake are clinically tested for thermogenesis and appetite suppressant. These ten killer ingredients; Hydroxy Citric Acid, Sesame Extract, Green Tea Catechins, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Caffeine Anhydrous, Coleus Forskohlii, Citrus Aurantium, Oleuropein Extract, Konjac Root and concentrated Capsaicin feature in this powerful protein.

Biofurnace by Bio Flex benefits

  •          Added ingredients to optimize fat loss
  •          Increased thermogenesis
  •          Ingredients included for appetite suppression
  •          Great for post training muscle recovery and building toned muscle
  •          Can be added into a balanced diet to increase protein intake


Best Tasting Protein, OxyWhey by EHP Labs

If you’ve tried any of the EHP Labs range before you would know that their supplements taste absolutely amazing! drool worthy. OxyWhey by EHP Labs is an innovative lean protein formula designed to support lean muscle tissue development, boost metabolism, increase fat burning and support immune health. EHP Labs’ OxyWhey contains the highest quality fast and sustained release proteins such as 70% of Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), 20 % Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) and 10% Micellar casein providing you with 24 grams of premium quality protein per serve, with only 1 gram of fat and 2 grams of carbohydrates. OxyWhey is gluten free and contains digestive enzymes to promote complete protein absorption into the body to enable for quick muscle recovery

OxyWhey by EHP Labs benefits

  •          High quality protein
  •          Boost Metabolisms
  •          Increases fat burning
  •          Increase lean muscle mass
  •          Support Immune system
  •          Contains 2.5 grams of L-Leucine to promote muscle repair and growth
  •          Contains Digestive enzymes
  •          Gluten free


Best Low Calorie Protein, X50 Skinny Protein by Tribeca Health

Conscious of your calorie intake but don’t want to sacrifice taste? Tribeca Health has answer our prayers with their X50 Skinny Protein. X50 Skinny Protein is only 92 calories per serve and designed as a thermogenic protein powder ideal for those who are wanting to lose body fat, build or maintain lean muscle while meeting your required calorie intake for your body composition goals. X50 Skinny Protein is perfect as a quick low calorie snack between meals, or as a delicious post work out recovery shake. Skinny protein contains 20+ vitamins and minerals with naturally occurring amino acids and electrolytes, to help boost your body's metabolism, improve recovery and to support your immune system.

X50 Skinny Protein by Tribeca Health benefits

  •          92 cal per serve
  •          Aids with weight loss
  •          Post work out recovery 
  •          Fat burning ingredients
  •          Meal replacement
  •          Increases energy
  •          20+ Vitamin & mineral blend
  •          Added digestive enzymes


Runner up Low Calorie Protein, Maxine’s BURN Protein

Maxine’s BURN is a formulated thermogenic protein shake containing high quality grade protein designed to reshape, tone and burn stubborn body fat. BURN protein contains only 100 cal per serve. BURN protein contains a blend of Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate delivering a high level of protein per serve, prolonging satiety while maintaining almost zero grams of carbohydrates and fats. Ideal for those mindful of their carbohydrate intake. BURN protein includes no added carbohydrates or fats, which prevents spikes in insulin that may result in an increase in appetite and more fat depositions. Maxine’s have included high quality fat burning ingredients such as Green Coffee Extract a powerful antioxidant that reduces carbs being stored as fat, L-Carnitine that helps in the transportation of fats into your cell where they can be burnt as energy, Choline and Inositol that allow your body to burn fat as a primary source of fuel, while supporting lean muscle mass, controlling appetite and increasing training performance.

Maxine’s BURN Protein benefits

  •          100 cal per serve
  •          Increases fat burning
  •          Increases lean muscle mass
  •          Low in carbohydrates & fats
  •          Thermogenic protein
  •          Contains carb blocking nutrients
  •          Gluten & soy free


Best Tasting Plant Based Protein, Primal Protein by Prana On

We live in such a diverse world where we are able to make more health-conscious decision based on our preferred dietary requirements. Primal Protein by Prana On is one of the best tasting paleo, superfood infused and vegan friendly protein supplement available in Australia. Primal Protein’s unique blend of complete food source proteins gives it a full amino acid spectrum that challenges both its whey and vegan based competitors. Scaling it back to natures best the new formula is free from artificial sweeteners and flavours. Primal Protein utilises the power of plants and super foods to help you increase lean muscle mass, speed up fat loss, support delicate digestive systems and help reduce cravings. For those who are looking for a complete paleo and vegan friendly protein, Primal Protein is your answer

Primal Protein by Prana On Benefits

  •          Lean muscle tone
  •          Raw organic
  •          Paleo & vegan friendly
  •          Supports delicate digestive systems
  •          Gluten, peanut, soy & GMO free
  •          Naturally sweetened
  •          Meal replacement
  •          Low calories
  •          Post work out recovery


No one ever succeeds by accident, everyone who has ever accomplished something in their life. 
Has paid their dues by working and training extremely hard not just for one day, but for days, weeks, months. They have given their 110% effort in all areas and have prepare in earnest to achieve it.

By failing to prepare, your preparing to fail; you reduce your chances of succeeding before you have even started.  Supplementing with the correct protein is your basic foundation & fundamental starting point in any fat loss journey, the secret weapon.

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