Bio Flex's Bio Furnace-Video Review

Published : 24/05/2018 13:35:41 | Categories : Video Reviews

[Transcript] - Hi Burners, Paul here fro Fat Burners Only, today to give you the low-down on the most popular selling fat-burning protein on the website, Bioflex's Biofurnace.

There are a lot of reasons why this is such a popular fat-burning protein. I'll go through them with you and also go through the ingredient profile and explain why it's such an effective protein for increasing your fat loss.

To start with, it's one of the best value fat-burning proteins on the market. Fat-burning proteins tend to typically be very expensive and they only pixie dust their fat-burning ingredients to say they're a "fat-burning protein". These guys here are extremely affordable, they're probably the cheapest fat-burning protein on the market dollar-wise, but quality-wise, it is the most effective fat-burning protein. We're landing 25 grammes of protein per serve and zero carb and zero fat. Their protein is derived from grass-fed whey as well, so we're looking at top quality. Most fat-burning proteins will still have a couple of grammes of fat and carbs in there, this guy lands at zero.

The fat-burning ingredients in here aren't pixie dust, they're actually clinically dosed and there's a lot of them that works synergistically to help with you fat-loss result. We start with green tea extract. We've got 125 milligrammes per serve. This will increase your metabolic rate, will give you energy, have you burning more calories, will scavenge the free-radicals caused by training, as well as move fat from the body into the bloodstream, where the body can then access that fat more readily for fuel. They also put in your alpha lipoic acid. This is an awesome antioxidant. It will actually recycle other antioxidants in your body and scavenge free-radicals, which will all slow down the ageing process and help with you recovery. They then put in 50 milligrammes of caffeine, so not enough to buzz you out or give you the jitters, but enough to increase that energy level and calorie burn, so again, you're burning more calories.

They then put in your coleus forskohlin and citrus aurantium and both at 25 milligrammes. These ingredients will increase your metabolic rate again and hit the alpha-receptors in your brain, will give you a mood boost, activate dopamine, so you have drive and focus as well. So you'll train harder, you'll burn more calories and all of the good stuff that comes with a dopamine and alpha-receptor hit in the brain boost. Then we've got your konjac root.Now this ingredient is a calorie-free fibre, that, when it hits water, will swell and keep you fuller for longer. Finally, they've put in three milligrammes of the ingredient concentrated capsaicin extract. They extract this ingredient from a specific type of chilli. It will increase your thermogenesis, have you burning hotter and therefore burning more calories.

You can see, a really comprehensive fat-burning profile in a protein powder that has zero carbs and zero fat. It's really effective, it's very affordable and it also comes in seven fantastic flavours. We have the salted caramel and the chocolate, strawberry, banana, and we also have the cookies and the vanilla, and we have the rocky road as well. If you have any questions on the ingredients in this product, or this product itself, just send us a message via our Facebook page or go to our website and talk to us via our live chat, or the contact page and send us an email. Otherwise, thanks for watching Burners, we'll catch you next time. Cheers.

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