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[Transcript]- Hi burners, Paul coming fom ya. Coming from Hi burners, Paul coming to you from Fat Burners Only today to give you the low-down on a very strong fat burner, OCD's Blaze X, so I just wanted to go through in a quick two minute video the great flavours it comes in, plus the ingredient profile and how that will help with your energy levels to train and your fat loss as well. So, to start with, we've got the pineapple splash. I've also got strawberry kiwi, we have mango passion, and red raspberry as well. Now the ingredients in this are very strong so if you've never taken a strong fat burner before, definitely always start with half a scoop on a strong fat burner and this is no exception.

So the first ingredient in here is my favourite ingredient in a fat loss supplement, acetyl carnitine. So they put 2000 milligrammes in per serve. This ingredient will drive fat from your blood into the mitochondria of your cells to burn fat as fuel, so we're targeting fat for energy and burning fat. The next ingredient in here is choline bitartrate and they put a whopping 1000 milligrammes per serve in here. It's usually sitting at around 250 milligrammes. Now this ingredient will do two great things. The first thing, it will help burn fat via the liver.

The second is this product is a heavy stimulant based fat burner. When those stimulants wear off towards the end of the day, we will tend to get a bit of a crash. Choline will reduce the body's crash so you won't crash out at the end of the day and you'll feel good all day. It'll also help with concentration as well. Next in here we have caffeine anhydrous. So they out in 200 milligrammes of that ingredient, so not a whopping amount, however they then go in to put another 125 milligrammes of dicaffeine malate, so a total of 325 milligrammes of caffeine. So that first 200 milligrammes of caffeine anhydrous is that fast hitting caffeine to give you energy for training and boost your energy levels when you take this product, the caffeine dimalate will last for about eight hours in your system, and give you a longer energy and a longer calorie burn from this product.

The next ingredient is eria jarensis, so they put in 150 milligrammes per serve in this product. That ingredient will increase your dopamine level production, you'll be more focused, more drive, and have you burning a lot more calories and have a lot of energy from that ingredient. The next they put in is higenamine at 75 milligrammes. Again, a lot of fat burners put 25 milligrammes per serve, this is 75. It's gonna boost your calorie burn and burn a lot of body fat. They put in 60 milligrammes of synephrine. Again, like higenamine and eria jarensis, another great feeling stim, get that mood level up and have you burning a lot of calories. They then put in the new ingredient in fat burners, the paradoxine, or the grains of paradise. So this ingredient will heat up your core body temperature, it'll get the sweat on, and you'll be burning a lot of calories with this product and then the carnitine at the top will make sure those calories that these ingredients are burning are coming from body fat.

Finally, they put in your gamma-butyrobetaine ethyl ester hydrochloride, or your GBB. So this ingredient will actually cause acetyl carnitine to be produced in the blood, so we're again targeting fat for fuel, so we're doubling up on the acetyl carnitine and a different ingredient, GBB, to cause that same result of driving fat into the mitochondria to be used as fuel.

So a very cool fat burning product and a very strong fat burning product. If you have any questions on Blaze X or any of the ingredients in Blaze X, just send us a message on our Facebook page or come to our website at and ask us in our live chat or via our contact page you can leave us an email. Otherwise, thanks for watching, we'll catch you next time, burners, cheers.

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