Burning Fat Without Stimulants

Published : 24/09/2021
Burning Fat Without Stimulants

Burning Fat Without Stimulants

Burning Fat is not always an easy task. Whether it’s to improve your health generally or a personal decision to get your dream body, a lot often go into burning fat. Diet and exercise are the most considered option. Although, there are still a number of facts that can affect shedding weight and burning fat. As expected, there are dietary supplements that could help in your weight loss journey. However, it is important to note the content of these supplements before using them. As not all supplements might suit your lifestyle. For instance, if you are caffeine sensitive or are training/using your fat burner in the evening it would be unwise to use a stimulant based fat burner. This is due to the fact that these stimulants can lead to sleeplessness and activate the central nervous system. However, here a number of approaches you can consider to burn fat without a stimulant based fat burner.

1. Strength Training

Strength training is a form of muscle exercise that demands that you contract your muscles against some form of resistance. The most common form of this exercise includes lifting weights and has been shown to help increase muscle mass and strength. Strength training is highly effective in burning fat although it can be more tedious compared to some other approaches that can be explored in burning fat.

Strength Training which is also referred to as Resistance Training also helps preserve the fat-free mass of your body which could lead to an increase in the number of calories your body burns at rest.

From research, about 10 weeks of Strength training could increase the number of calories burned by the body by 7% and could reduce fat weight by as much as 1.8 kg

By increasing resting energy expenditure, Strength training is highly recommended especially alongside aerobic exercise in burning any excess body fat.

2. Consume a High-Protein Diet

You might also want to consider consuming a high protein diet in burning fat. Consuming a high-protein diet helps reduce your appetite and burns more fat than regular meals. Several studies have revealed that consuming more high-quality protein meals reduces your chances of belly fat. A high protein diet has also been shown to help improve metabolism and preserve muscle mass during weight loss.

By consuming more protein, you improve your feeling of satisfaction leading to decreased appetite and reduced calorie intake.

3. Sleep More

Sleeping earlier or waking up a little later might also not be a bad idea in the course of burning excess body fat. More sleep means the body spends more time burning body fat and apparently prevents weight gain.

Quite a number of studies have been carried out on sleeping enough and losing weight. More hours of quality sleep have been shown to lead to weight loss. Although this sounds lazy, the truth is often times when we sleep, the body doesn’t sleep. It is engaged in a number of activities that help to burn fat. The recommended amount of sleep is about seven hours of sleep per night.

It is advisable to stick with a particular schedule, reduce your consumption of Caffeine and other Stimulants, the use of electronic devices should also be minimized to improve the quality of sleep.

4. Consume More Fiber

Fiber meals, especially soluble fiber, absorbs water and passes through the gut slowly. This will help you feel full for a long time. Vegetables, legumes, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and seeds are a few examples of food with high fibre content that can help in fat burning.

5. Stimulant Free Fat Burning Products

There is a growing market asking for stimulant-free fat burning supplements to assist them on their weight loss journey. There is a great range of such products available that will help to boost your metabolism, calorie burn and reduce hunger without activating the central nervous system or triggering an adrenalin response. Some notable mentioned include our favourite non-stimulant fat burner Oxyshred Kiss My Peach Non-Stim, as well as the fat-burning essentials from PC Laboratories, ProALCAR+ Pluss GBB and ProCLA Essential. 

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