Curated: The ATP Science Stomach Health / GutRight Review

Published : 13/09/2021
Curated: The ATP Science Stomach Health / GutRight Review

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Gut Problems

Ever been to a Naturopath to discuss fatigue or emotions or sleep and they insist on asking about your guts? Any indigestion? Any problems with excessive gas? Any allergies or Intolerances to foods?

Yes! Maybe? I don’t know… 
How do you know when your bloating and gas is a food allergy? Or when it is a food intolerance?
Is it an infection? I have diarrhea but I also get that after dairy? Maybe I ate dairy!
If I sacrifice and remove all of my favourite foods but if I eat like a normal person I get instantly bloated and look pregnant.
I have had so many diagnosis and differential diagnosis and second and third and friends opinions I am stuck and do not know what to do.

Is it… IBS, IBD, SIBO, Dysbiosis, FODMAP, Leaky Gut, Candida, Parasits, Too Much Acid, or not enough?

The prevalence of all of these conditions is sky-rocketing to epidemic proportions and following a similar trend to the spike in obesity and autism. And they share common links.

Too many of the wrong type of bugs living in your guts + They feed on sugar and create toxins

= The combination of the toxins they make and the immune response to their presence creates symptoms. Your unique combination of signs and symptoms leads to your diagnosis.

Why me?

  •          Our food has changed
    • Our foods have less fibre and modbiotic polyphenols compared to sugar
    • Extra chemicals like glyphosate (round up or other fertalizers)
    • Our eating has changed
  •          We don’t eat with seasons. We have a balanced but not a varied diet
  •          No more feast and famine
  •          We eat on the run
  •          We eat too much processed foods

Our guts have bugs that outnumber us 10:1. When we eat; we feed them first. When we grow; they grow. In fact, 10-20% of the mass of your poo and on average 1 to 2 kg of your total body weight is gut microbes. They feed on sugar and make gas and chemicals and induce immune activation to control their growth.

It is these guts bugs that will control a lot of our digestive processes, as well as immune and our gut wall integrity.

After 20 years of naturopathic clinic experience ATP Science’s Matthew Legge lets us in on a little secret; the initial treatment concept is usually the same;

  1.        Replace the missing polyphenols with herbs and spices.
  2.        Replace missing fibre if deficient.
  3.        Reduce the sugar in the diet.

In 90% of times this works and then for the stubborn cases retesting showed on the right track and no change to treatment is needed. On rare occasions further testing was needed and a rare infection or missing enzyme was discovered and treatment plan changed or expectations of time frame is changed.

In addition to the common symptoms of these gut conditions (bloating, constipation etc.) our gut health can also significantly alter the energy in: out ratios and contribute to obesity.

There is so much research going into genetic links to obesity. The new research suggests that our genetic polymorphisms (polymorphism is a variation of a gene. Not a defect but a variant) alone DO NOT EXPLAIN the obesity epidemic.

Which makes sense considering our genes have not had enough time to change dramatically enough over the short time period that the obesity epidemic has occurred. Yet other environmental factors and mutations and evolution of the genetic code of microbes have changed dramatically in this time period. Microbes are capable of mutating within minutes for survival and reproduction. A new strain of flu hits every year, a mutated and evolved form of last year’s bugs. These Microbes have unique functions that can directly affect our metabolism and can either help us hurt us.

Until recently scientists have not been able to study the gut microbiota, as many of these organisms cannot be grown in culture or identified, thereby limiting our ability to investigate their individual physiological and metabolic roles. New technology now allows us to study the microbiota.

The common pattern in gut flora in obesity is;

  1.        An increased ratio of Gram-positive bacteria to Gram-negative bacteria,
  2.        An increased abundance of the obesogenic microbiota Firmicutes and a decreased abundance of the lean microbiota Bacteroidetes,
  3.        Excessive amounts of the firmicute bacteria Lactobacillus

Firmicutes feed on sugar but in nature sugar comes with a hidden catch, Modbiotic™ polyphenols. Modbiotic is a complex of polyphenols, polysaccharides, glucans, lectins and other compounds that modulate microbes through combinations of antibacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic actions that reduce excessive firmicutes and increase deficient bacteroidetes. These are poisons hidden in and around the sugar and a lot of them are actually sugars themselves. In nature every time you got some sugar it came with a big dose of modbiotics.

Now our food has changed and really deficient in these modbiotics. So we need to supplement our standard diet with more peels, pulp, fibre, seeds and skins etc. from plants to get more of these compounds in because they not in our food anymore but for athletes that may use extra sugars and in some cases scientifically developed sugars designed to have a specific rate of absorption and delivery you will need to use even more polyphenols that anyone to compensate for that extra fuel source that is not offset with natural compounds.

Obese humans have too many firmicutes

The gut microbiota is associated with and can now be used to predict obesity in humans and in animal models. In a typical “Obese Microbiota” when the abundance of Bacteroidetes decreases there is a proportional increase in the Firmicutes. Those with obesity or potential for obesity seem to accumulate and propagate firmicutes easily.

Obesity itself can change the gut flora independently of diet changes and changing gut flora to obesogenic profile can create obesity.

This means that somehow the changing body composition, changing hormonal profile, potential for insulin resistance and fatty liver etc. can change the gut flora to create a vicious cycle that is not simply fixed by changing our diet.

If you are one of those people that can do the diet and exercise that works for everyone else, you have your maths right and calories in and out calculated correctly and still do not see change; then you may need to make significant changes to your gut flora at the same time to break the vicious cycle.

Why is this happening?

  •          Firmicutes feed on sugar
  •          They make you crave sugar
  •          They create insulin resistance to keep sugar available for themselves
  •          They create space for themselves by poisoning off competition by destroying their ability to burn sugar for fuel (we get that toxin in us too)
  •          They convert sugar to acid to kill of other bugs that can’t handle acid
  •          Firmicutes are more effective at promoting efficient absorption of calories as an energy source than Bacteroidetes.
  •          Firmicutes alter serotonergic function by taking tryptophan away from serotonin and takes it down a pathway that makes nerve irritants and kreb cycle modifiers instead. This creates cravings, fatigue, obesity and depression / anxiety. The end result is you are stuck in a vicious cycle. Inflammation and inflammatory triggers. The wrong types of acid and short chain fatty acids. Toxins that disturb your kreb cycle that create obesity. And vice versa, obesity creates insulin resistance and inflammation, lack of exercise and higher blood sugar that creates the altered gut microbiome

Gut Health & Performance

First of all, it is pretty obvious that if you are doubled over with gut pain and cramping or rushing to the toilet with diarrhea that you will not be performing to your genetic potential because of your guts. But what about a nervous tummy, or allergies and food intolerance’s, what about making a bit of extra gas and crop dusting on the bike leg? Does that really make much difference?

Yes! It sure does. Let me show you how…

Think about the supplements you may have seen or articles written on improving physical and mental performance. What are our targets?

  •         Vasodilation and blood circulation for delivery of nutrients and oxygen and removal of waste
  •         Intracellular energy production via Krebs cycle / citric acid cycle
  •         Control of inflammation and oxidative stress
  •         Control of hormones while under stress
  •         Metabolism and burning of fuels for energy and body shape

Now consider that there are 10 x as many bugs living in your guts as whole cells of your whole body, they have 100 x the genetic material that you have. They get your food and supplements first and they control who uses what fuels. Not you.

We suspected gut flora would influence performance when they showed that you could cancel out the vasodilating effects of beetroot juice by using an antimicrobial mouthwash and wipe out the mucosal bacteria in the mouth and beetroot failed to help circulation. In this study the bugs were essential for converting nitrite to nitrate and therefore no vasodilating nitric oxide.

With new advances in the ability to test and understand the different traits of the strains we carry we have found some interesting patterns in regards to performance and gut flora. Imbalances in the microbiota can seriously impact performance, and if it is something you have never addressed it is certainly something you rather easily implement to see if it gives you that bit extra that was missing. 

Rebalance to a healthy Microbiota with GutRight

Take 1 teaspoon 3 x daily for 10 days to reduce microbial load while following the Specific Carb Diet Plan. Contact us at for a copy of the SCD Plan.

Drop back to 1 teaspoon daily after that to maintain good gut health.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about the brand new product Gut Right by ATP Science. If you are interested in learning more about Gut Right you can see more great information on our GutRight Product Page

Thanks for Reading! – The Fat Burners Only Team

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