Deep Dive Video: Switch Bar by Switch Nutrition

Published : 12/10/2021
Deep Dive Video: Switch Bar by Switch Nutrition

Paulies latest obsession are the Switch Bars by Switch Nutrition. They're all natural, filling and super yummy. Paul's here to explain everything you need to know.

"Deep Dive Video: Switch Bar by Switch Nutrition" TRANSCRIPT

Look at that chocolate chunk. Hallelujah!

 Welcome to the Red Hat CEO deep dive into Snacks Switch by Switch Nutrition.

 Now, this is the first deep dive we've ever done into a product, we'll call it a deep dive. The reason being is 'cause I want to eat one of these on camera, 'cause I'm really hungry and I freaking love them. 

But to start with, what is Snack Switch? Well, it's a protein bar that is vegan friendly, but it's not for vegans, I'm certainly not a vegan and this is the bar that I'm going for at the moment. It contains around 20 grams of protein per serve, it's about 15 grams of carbs, but that is derived from your dates and a little bit of rice malt, grape juice, as well. So naturally derived carbohydrates and the healthy fats in here, you're landing around 10 grams of fats as well. 

So, it contains a healthy prebiotic gut fibre. Now, most bars that contain a prebiotic gut fibre, actually upset my gut. This one doesn't, it's about 225 calories per serve. 

So it's a little bit higher than the other bars. If you are on a super low calorie diet, you can definitely still factor this in, but there are other bars that are leaner as far as calories go. And it's because of those 10 grams of fats that really sort of bumps it up, roughly that 90 calories per serve. I like getting fats into my diet. I find that I respond really well for focus, for mood. 

It keeps me satiated, so I'm not that hungry. So actually look for something with a bit higher fats and the fats come from just almonds. You can see here, the second highest ingredient is almond. 

A really cool ingredient in here, they're using it as a thickener, is fermented glutamine. Glutamine is my favourite supplement in the world. It's great for your immune system, it heals your gut, hence, awesomely gut-friendly, but it also helps with muscle recovery as well. Super smart to actually use an amazing, well, the best amino acid in my opinion, to actually help thicken the bar. 

But now let's open this 'cause I can't even talk, as you can tell, I am so hungry. 

For a start, the bars look really stylish a little bit old school looking, and they are, and I'm going to say the word burners, wait for it. So moist, they are moist. Moist! They're genuinely like a chocolatey treat dessert. 

This is my breakfast 'cause it's early in the day and I actually haven't had anything else, but, I love this bar. Do you want to watch me eat the whole thing? 'Cause I will.

 So it's got vegan chocolate in there. Natural vanilla, rice malt, grape juice, as I mentioned. Organic cacao powder. Wow, organic coconut oil. It's all organic, natural vanilla flavour, Himalayan sea salt, and sweetened with organic Stevia. 

Okay, I'm all finished burners. I'm sad that it's over, but I'm happy that it's happened. 

You can go now.

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