FAQ Video: How do I Stop my Hair from Thinning/Falling Out?

Published : 29/05/2020 15:18:25 | Categories : Video Reviews


- How do I stop my hair from thinning slash falling out?So it's a pretty confronting question, and it is one of the most asked questions. And we've got a bit of experience about that, so we're here today to have a quick chat about it. Maybe help people out there that might be asking that question, going through it and explain what's out there to help.

- Yeah, most definitely, most certainly.

- So I'll just start with my story. I was 16 when my hair started falling out, and as a 16 year old it's obviously pretty confronting. And I obviously wanted to reverse it, and I did some research and found some things to reverse it. So these days I've still got, you know, a little bit going on. And so it's probably better than it was when I was twenty years of age. And so I've found a few ways to sort of fix it, which I can go through in a bit. What was your experience?

- I guess my experience was more a hormonal experience, so I have PCOS, so polycystic ovarian syndrome, and that can just effect my hair growth, hair thinning, so that's how that affected me.

- And obviously now, you've got a super, luscious thick head of hair so yeah.

- Thank you so much. It took a few years to get, like you as well. It's something that you do have to consistently work at doing, but you can get there. But I guess for you Paul, what was, where did you start with your longer journey?

- So it obviously takes a few years to notice and then when you're 18 you can go onto medication so for male patent baldness medication is the best way to do it.

So what is actually the cause of it is that we produce too much testosterone or testosterone and there's an enzyme that the body produces called 5-alpha reductase and that will actually turn natural testosterone into dihydrotestosterone and that's the nasty testosterone which will cause male patent baldness. But it also affects women as well.

So the key is to actually stop that conversion or get rid of that enzyme and if you're not producing DHT, technically it should stop and then if that DHT stops.You can get more nutrients to the follicle and you can grow it back. But you need to get onto it early because if you don't, what happens is that hair follicle thins and once it's thinned it's very hard to recover it.

So you can stop it and grow it from a smaller follicle but you need to get onto it early. And so the medication that was originally used is Finasteride so that was found originally for prostate enlargement reduction, but they found that people using that drug for that, also started growing their hair back. So that's usually how they find these results out is for other things and then the new one is called Dutasteride. So you could do a combination of both, you could do one or the other but that will actually, it's an oral tablet and that will actually stop that alpha-5 reductase turning normal testosterone into dihydrotestosterone which will thin the follicle and cause your hair to fall out.

And the next part of it, is you want to get nutrients and blood flow to that follicle to cause growth and you use something called Minoxidil and that will increase blood supply to the follicle. With that then you can use different shampoos and stuff like that to actually get more nutrients to the hair as well.

And you can take things like Biotin, Silica to give the ingredients for that growth at the same time and then finally they've also found that the natural extract from Saw Palmetto works like those drugs.

- Yeah.

- So Saw Palmetto, it's a grass that produces a berry, they extract the Saw Palmetto from the berry and it's only a four hour window technically but it will block that conversion of normal testosterone to DHT via the 5-alpha reductase. So you can put them all together, you can use one or the other, if you don't wanna use drugs you can use Saw Palmetto but that was sort of my experience and so I sort of really noticed it around the 18, got pretty bad towards 24, just kept using those medications and some natural ones and yeah, sort of grew it back.

So that's mine, so here you go. Once you've lost a lot, or some, you can't get it back but I did get it back which was 'cause I got onto it early.

- Yeah, well that's amazing.

- Ah thank you!

- It looks amazing!

- So I know it's a pretty in depth information and how to actually do it but unless you see it and find out, it can take you years to find out that information so there you have it. And what about your story?

- I guess my story relates to, yeah so, PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome and I had yeah, too much DHT so too much dihydrotestosterone in my system so my goal was as an athlete that I had, I was on medication, so the medications that you spoke about, for years and I found that wasn't helping me too much to a certain degree, until I corrected a few things with my lifestyle.

- Okay.

- So introduce your things like Saw Palmetto is helping to make sure that you're cutting off that process of turning that testosterone into the dihydrotestosterone.

- Testosterone yep.

- So that definitely worked. I found as well I was supplementing a lot with the HP Science products so for me personally, I was going for the Multi-food to help with...

- That's amazing hair growth.

- Yeah, Multi-food massively for hair growth. It just helps with the smaller co-factors so to say, filling in the missing links at the same time helping to reduce that enzyme as well, so that was really important for me and also just helping to promote healthy hormone levels so to say. So me personally with PCOS, I'm having an imbalance in hormones, just makes everything hard on the body so at the time, I also introduced Afro Dinus and that just helped to basically clear out the bad and help promote the good. Yeah, so I definitely found that those two supplements as well as just looking at things like stress levels too, making sure that I wasn't stressing too much, that can have a lot to do with your hair falling out as well,

- Yup.

- breaking and things like that, so I did address those factors as well at the same time and then also just being a bit gentle with myself so understanding that something was happening in the process of my body and that I was looking into it, I was being proactive about it.

- Yup.

- And that things, just do take time so for a social, my hair started falling out at 25, social 25-year-old, really hard to go out and do your hair and, you know always spend like an hour trying to do your hair like in a bun so to say. But if your proactive about it like you said and if you stick to the plan as well, you can definitely optimise what you do have and get it back so yeah.

- Yeah, cool all right.

- Yeah, that's my journey.

- Thanks for sharing that with us.

- Yeah, no that's what you need.

- So just a bit of a recap I suppose for those, if we've given you a lot of information. If you're a male and you're looking to really reverse or stop your hair from falling out, you do need to go to a doctor to get a prescription but the products are Finasteride, Dutasteride and Minoxidil. You can go natural with Saw Palmetto as well and that's great for male and female and then the minerals that you need, you look at Biotin, you look at Silica and you make sure you get enough protein, so your hair's made of protein and amino acids so that helps and then reduce your stress levels is super, super important. Cool, all right. Well thanks for sharing the story again and I hope you guys got something out of that. We'll catch you next time.

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