FAQ Video: What is the Best Fat Burner?

Published : 29/05/2020
FAQ Video: What is the Best Fat Burner?

- What is the best fat burner?
Now, we get asked that question more than any other question here at Fat Burners Only. And if only it were that simple.

Now, if you go into a supplement store and you ask the person behind the counter what is the best fat burner?

And they go and grab you one, just turn around and walk straight out because there's a whole lot of questions they need to ask you before they find you the right fat burner.

So I suppose the right question you need to ask initially is how do I choose the right fat burner for me? And once you ask that question we will then start with have you used a fat burner before?

Now, if you're new to fat burners and you answered no, the next question we will ask you is how sensitive are you to stimulants like caffeine and coffee?

Now if you are sensitive, whoa nelly. You will need to start with a low stim or a no stim fat burner.

So, a no stim fat burner would be something like R1 Lean 5. Or you could go a super low stim product like X50 Green Tea. Which is an amazing product to boost your calorie burn but a very, very low stim. Or you can go 150 mg of caffeine or less in a stimulant fat burner like OxyShred or Hydra Shred.

Now if you answer the question, no, you're not sensitive, give me the stims. We can go for a medium stim fat burner. Which is a fat burner containing between 200 mg and 300 mg of caffeine. Now examples of a medium stim fat burner would be OptiBurn by Platinum Labs or SWEAT by Typhoon Labs. Now the reason we don't go for a high stim fat burner initially is that if you've never used a fat burner before, we want to start on a low to medium. Just to assess your tolerance.

Now if you're looking to burn fat on the stomach and thighs with your fat burner. Then we have to get you to take Carnitine and CLA. Because the fat burner will burn calories. Carnitine will make sure that those calories being burnt are coming from fat. And the CLA will make sure that fat comes from these stubborn hard to move areas on the stomach and thighs.

If you not looking to burn this body fat and you're just looking to burn general fat, then you don't need these supplements.

So that's if you've never used a fat burner before. Now if you've answered the question as a yes, you have used a fat burner before.

Then we will ask, are you happy with the results and the energy you taking? If you then turn around and say, yes. We will say continue using the same fat burner for four to six weeks and then reassess.

The reason we ask you to reassess is because if you keep putting the same stimulant profile or the same product though your system for four to six weeks the body may adapt to it and you don't get the same result you were getting before.

And then you might not be happy and you might switch over to there. So we just keep going back down to here, if you're happy and if you're not happy or you've used a fat burner which you liked and now it's not working as well, and the answer is no.

We need to ask you happy with the results? And if you said no, and the results you not happy with we need to say add Carnitine and CLA. Because the fat burner might be working really well in burning a lot of calories. But it's not coming from those areas that you want. So adding Carnitine and CLA to your current fat burner may give you the result of burning this stubborn body fat that you're looking for.

Now if you're not happy with simply the energy level that you're getting out of it. You're taking your fat burner and feeling nothing at all then it might be time to level up. And if you want to level up, it means going a higher level of stimulants. Now you can ask us and we can suggest. Or you can select from low to medium to high level stim.

Now like I said, a low stim level fat burner would be Hydra Shred or OxyShred. A medium stim fat burner would be OptiBurn or SWEAT. And if you wanna go ultra strong then go something like Prometheus or Annihilate. And this will really get you going but it's very high stims.

Now the two other things that I need to mention is you might look at all of this and it can answer your questions but always feel free just to ask us. Because we will always ask you all the right questions we need to make sure we get the right fat burner for you. And we get you the right result.

And then the last thing I need to end with is that none of this stuff works without enough water. So just quickly, you need to drink a minimum of three litres of water, spaced evenly throughout the day. For all the body fat this is burning to actually get flushed out of your system to continue burning that body fat.

Now if you do wanna chat to us just send us a message via our Facebook Messenger. Or go straight to our website and go and chat to us via our live chat or the contact page which will send us an email, or just give us a call at the shop and we're happy to answer any questions about finding the right fat burner for you. Thanks for watching Burners, we'll catch ya later. Hope you got something outta that, cheers!

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