How FBO gives back to the Community: Our 1% for Good Initiative

Published : 03/09/2021
How FBO gives back to the Community: Our 1% for Good Initiative

CEO Paul and Fiona are chatting about our latest initiative: 1% for good. FBO is always trying to find new ways to give back to the community. 1% for good allows us to give back every month.

"How FBO gives back to the Community: Our 1% for Good Initiative" TRANSCRIPT

Our burners might notice a blue stamp on all their invoices that say one percent for good. One percent for good is our way of making sure that we are doing something good every day and we're making every customer feel good about shopping with fat burners only.

So what it actually means as well is that one percent of profits of every order is going to a charity so we're giving back our burners are giving back as well and we're donating to some awesome charities out there. So we're donating to charities like the Edmond Rice foundation for kids which is one that is very close to Paul's heart, he has worked with them for nearly two decades so maybe you can tell us a little bit about them so it's a program that takes away at-risk kids on camp for you know three nights four days and just shows them a good time there are no threats they get looked after it's a one-on-one experience where there's one adult per kid, Fiona's cooked on camp many times as well. And it makes a genuine difference. I've had feedback from an Eddie Rice kid that said look had I not been on this camp I'd probably be in jail right now and they've gone down an awesome path and that's the effect that this camp and showing them the good times, no threats, etc can actually have on these kids, but it also gives their parents relief their guardian's relief their grandparents relief as well so that if it's hard work and they're under strain everybody wins. Yeah definitely, we also work with great charities like the breast cancer nurses at the Mcgrath Foundation.

Recently we donated to Common Ground. A native indigenous Australian foundation. We've also supported 12 buckets which is an after-school mentoring program that we've worked with for a couple of years now, we've forgotten a Christmas party because the team has would rather donate to those guys and go out for a fancy dinner. So we take the money that we would spend on a Christmas party and spend it on a shopping list for the mentoring program. When we buy arts and crafts and books and games, and then we wrap it all up and deliver that's the Christmas party is a wrapping party. Staffy rescue, Buy a Bail, Happiness Co Foundation: that's an awesome West Australian foundation run by Jules and the awesome foundation Beyond Blue as well and we're going to continue donating forever. So if you have a foundation or a charity that is close to your heart that you would like to see FBO support, feel free to reach out to us via email or on the contact page and we donate every month. I think something like 1% for good is something that can be done by any Australian business. It's so easy to get caught up in the rat race and the day-to-day operation of the business and that's what we really found is that we were always kind of like, oh we'll do this or we'll do something good or we'll donate when this happens or when that happens and then it just got to a point where we said no.

We want giving back to the community giving back to Australian foundations to be something that we do on a consistent basis, make it a non-negotiable part of our business model. We're really passionate about it and it's exciting because it is great for us but it's also great for our customers, they can feel good about purchasing with 'Fat Burners Only' because every time they do we're giving back. it's good for us, it's good for them, it's great for the charities and we're making a difference but our burners by using us and buying from us are generally making a difference. You'll feel good about your purchase and that's what it's all about right?

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