It's Showtime! A thermogenic from X50-Video Review

Published : 24/05/2018 13:44:02 | Categories : Video Reviews

[Transcript]- Hey, burners, it's Paul here from Fat Burners Only today to give you the lowdown on the new Fat Burner to hit, X50 Showtime.

So this guy here, really well put together with some new fat burning ingredients. So I just wanted to go through some of the ingredients with you, explain the doses and why they're in there, and what they're gonna do for your fat loss. So just to start with, comes in three great flavours. We have the strawberry-kiwi, we also have the pineapple-mango, and the sour gummy worms, which is doing very, very well and it tastes amazing. So what they've done is, I've got a 60-server here, too, so it's really good value for money at the same time. They start with 1500 milligrammes of taurine, so it's great to prolong the caffeine effect and it also helps the body to metabolise some of these ingredients, so you're absorbing them more effectively.

They also put in my favourite fat loss supplement, acetyl carnitine, at 1000 milligrammes. This ingredient will allow the body to metabolise fat as fuel, by allowing fat in the bloodstream to enter the mitochondria to be used as fuel. Now, 1000 milligrammes is a good dose, I would say to add a little bit more in there would increase the amount of fat you're burning from this great stim-based product. You've also got in there green tea extract and green coffee extract. So these will increase your thermogenesis, as well as move fat from the body into the bloodstream, where we can then access the fat for energy more effectively. When it's stuck on the outside in hard fatty source, we can't access it. This will move it so it can be accessed.

Now we've also got 250 milligrammes of glucomannan, or konjac root, so this will actually swell in the gut and keep you full without adding any calories. So it's actually something that's gonna reduce your appetite. We've got L-theanine in there, as well, so that's gonna improve your mood. We've got 200 milligrammes of caffeine, so not too much that it's gonna bug you out, but enough so you will get a nice energy boost and you'll be burning a lot of calories. You've got 100 milligrammes of choline, which will increase metabolism and, again, move fat into the bloodstream to use as energy. We've got higenamine to boost your thermogenesis.

Then the new ingredient, grains of paradise. So, this is a certain pepper extract which will actually increase your thermogenesis, or your heat production, and you will be burning more calories. Now, with grains of paradise, you've gotta be careful. If you put too much in a product, you'll get a chili-like sensation when you drink it. These guys are smart, they put enough in so that you'll get the thermogenesis, which is 5 milligrammes, but not too much that you taste the chilli when you drink it. And then finally, you've got a big dose of 30 milligrammes of synephrine. So again, that will increase energy levels and thermogenesis, having you burning more calories and more body fat.

So ,that's the lowdown behind X50's brand new, awesome fat burner, Showtime. We've got it on If you have any questions about Showtime, or any of the ingredients in here, or any other product, just hit us up on Facebook, send us a message, go to our website, send us a direct message, or you can always email us via the contact page. Otherwise, we'll catch you later. Cheers, burners.

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