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Redcon1 AthleteProduct Review - Redcon1 range at Fat Burners Only

With so many products in the fitness industry marketed towards fat loss, preworkout energy and maximizing your recovery, how do we know which brand names we can trust? 

Here at Fat Burners Only, we don't mind doing the hard yards for you. So we have decided to deliver you this review of what was a heavily anticipated supplement range arrival into Australia.

Introducing REDCON1. The military themed range of seriously effective products that are not only unique in their own right, but are also strategically formulated to give you results whether it's time for work, rest or play.

Redcon1 was founded by supplement industry expert Aaron Singerman and was created to ensure that their avid gym going customers get real hardcore products that deliver real results.

Redcon1: "From the highest calibre body builder, to the most gruelling obstacle course, all the way to elite military forces, how your body performs is paramount to your success and survival. Achieving your own greatness is a forging process, one that requires you are always ready to perform, for the highest state of readiness, choose REDCON1."

Total War by Redcon1REDCON1 TOTAL WAR

First up we have TOTAL WAR, REDCON1's premium pre-workout product. We need to start off by saying there is so much we really love about this product.

TASTE: 9/10

Boasting a huge flavor range including 'Sour Gummy Bear' and 'Strawberry Kiwi', each flavor is right on the money. The consistency is smooth, easy to mix and goes down like a treat!

ENERGY: 9/10

Wow, we are talking serious energy here. The energy that this product provides is a huge boost, physically and mentally. The cognitive enhancers definitely work to give you that cutting-edge focus and with no crash, this product is suitable for even those with a high stimulant tolerance.

PUMP: 9/10

With high doses of citrulline-malate, beta-alanine and agmatine sulfate. We are in blood flow central! You will feel more highly oxygenated rich blood flow to contracting muscles providing an almost skin splitting pump.


Double Tap by Redcon1REDCON1 DOUBLE TAP

Now, the one all of our Burner's have been waiting for..REDCON1 DOUBLE TAP. The knockout fat burner that has hit the scene and cast a shadow over it's competitors.

TASTE: 9/10

We'll say it again and again. REDCON1 as brand don't fall short in this category. Flavors of DOUBLE TAP include 'Strawberry Mango' and 'Pineapple', both of which mix in an instant and are a pleasure to drink.

ENERGY: 8/10

While not as high in stimulants as it's sibling product 'TOTAL WAR', this still provided our team with an incredible amount of energy that was non-jitter, long lasting and had a clean feeling. And with the addition of choline bitartrate and acetyl l-carnitine, the focus you experience with DOUBLE TAP is next level.


One of the many things we love about REDCON1 is that in every product, every single ingredient has a purpose. DOUBLE TAP as a formula is relatively simple, but the dosages and the choice of ingredients are what sets it apart from its predecessors. Pairing the selected stimulants and cognitive enhancers alongside the powerful fat burning ingredients such as octopamine HCL, green tea extract and dandelion root. This small tub certainly packs a big punch, especially for your fat. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and hydration we believe DOUBLE TAP is definitely worthy of a top spot on our shelves.

Last but certainly not least, FADE OUT is next on the list.

Fade Out by Redcon1REDCON1 FADE OUT

FADE OUT is easily one of the strongest and most innovative sleep supplements to be released on the Australian market to date. With an extremely effective array of ingredients to induce very deep REM sleep, mood enhancers, natural muscle relaxants, amino acids for recovery and even ingredients to promote growth hormone production, it’s no surprise we were extremely excited to add FADE OUT to out repertoire.

TASTE: 8/10

‘Black Currant’ is the only flavor available for FADE OUT, however don’t let that deter you! This tastes fantastic. Tangy, sweet and if consumed and is an absolute treat if consumed in cold water as a before bed treat.


If you want to sleep like a hibernating beast, if you want optimal recovery, if you want gains on gains on gains, this product is for you.

The name of this product speaks for itself. Within 30 minutes of consuming FADE OUT, you will be drifting off into what could possibly be the most restful night of sleep in your recent memory. No waking up, no tossing and turning. And best of all, no grogginess or drowsiness upon waking. The team at Fat Burners Only have given FADE OUT two thumbs up with a score of 10/10!


TOTAL WAR: Amazing taste, massive range of flavors, explosive workouts and skin splitting pumps.

DOUBLE TAP: Super effective fat burner, long-lasting energy, makes you sweat bullets and tastes awesome!

FADE OUT: Easy to drink one stop sleep formula, very strong for those who needs the deepest most restful sleep, ideal for those who work long hours, use stimulants late at night or generally have trouble sleeping.

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