Trying out new recipes is another approach commonly explored in the use of Fat Burners and weight loss.  There are currently several recipes that include both diets and supplements. However, before trying out a recipe, it is important to ensure to understand the exact effects of the ingredient of the recipe.  When combining two or more fat burner supplements, it is important to be sure that they do not contain the same ingredients or have the same effects. For instance, a fat burner supplement that mainly contains Caffeine should not be used alongside Green Tea. This is because most Green Tea supplements contain a significant amount of caffeine. Using Green Tea together with a fat burner that contains a high amount of caffeine can lead to having excess caffeine in the body. This can cause unwanted effects on the body.  However, when fat burner supplements which act via different mechanisms are combined very well, they can have higher fat-burning effects.   You can look through our several categories of products to develop your fat burner recipe. Information about the products has been provided. However, you can contact us if you need any help with combining any of our products at Fat Burners Only.  Our array contains top products from reputed fat burner product manufacturers in Australia e.g. EHP Labs, ATP Science, Prana On.