Scivation's Xtend Ripped-Video Review

Published : 24/05/2018 13:48:03 | Categories : Video Reviews


[Transcript]- Hi Burners, Paul here from Fat Burners Only today to have a chat to you about Xtend's awesome product: Xtend Ripped.

So Xtend, you would've seen it before, it's the most popular BCAA product in the world. So they've gone one step further and they've made their BCAA product now a ripped formula. So this is a BCAA product with a stim-free fat burning complex in there. So, like the original Xtend, the flavours in Xtend Ripped are just phenomenal so we've got the watermelon-lime, we have the strawberry-kiwi, and we have the blueberry-lemonade, which is my personal favourite. So they've done a great job with the three flavours.

So what they've done, is they've put the typical and the classic clinically tested dose of seven grammes of BC-double As in here. And then they've gone on and they've put in there your CLA, which is one of my favourite ingredients for fat loss. It will encourage the body to move adipose fat which deposits on those stubborn areas on the stomach and thighs, into the bloodstream which is half the battle. Once that fat is in the bloodstream, then we can burn it. And we can burn it with carnitine, so they've also put carnitine in here. The CLA will move that fat in the bloodstream, then the carnitine will move that fat into the cells' mitochondria, where we can then use it for fuel. And then they finish it off with Capsimax, an ingredient that will increase your thermogenesis, or your core body temperature and have you burning hotter and burning more calories.

So, the best time to use this product is just like you used the original Xtend product, which is during your training session. So while you're burning calories, this product here will make sure that those calories are coming from fat, from those really hard to move areas on the stomach and the thighs. So while the BCAs are helping with your energy levels, your recovery, direct to the muscles that you are working, the other ingredients in here will also target fat from those areas.

If you do have any questions about this awesome product, just hit us up on our website: on our live chat in the corner or our contact page. Or, just hit us up on Facebook and we'll answer any questions about this product or any of the ingredients in this product. Otherwise thanks for watching, Burners, we'll catch you next time, Cheers!

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