Important Nutrients That Help You Sleep Better

Published : 21/08/2019 16:24:28 | Categories : Fat Burner Reviews , Nutrition Tips

Important Nutrients That Help You Sleep Better

Not getting quality sleep can be a cause for concern as it can lead to increased stress. However, getting the right nutrients can go a long way in helping to correct this. These nutrients may help to fill any nutritional gaps and improve your quality and length of sleep each night! This is because certain nutrients have been found as important in the sleep process.

When it comes to the intake of nutrients and nourishing your body, the basic recommendation is to always choose food. However, in instances where you are unable to get the right food, getting nutritional supplements to support you is a great solution. These are some key nutrients to look for in sleep supplements that will help fill the nutritional gap and help avoid any deficiencies.

1. Selenium

A deficiency in selenium has been shown to cause abnormalities in sleeping patterns. Interestingly, this mineral also plays an important role in maintaining the immune and thyroid function. Most of the selenium required by the body can, however, be obtained in foods such as Brazil Nuts, fish and other meats.

2. Tryptophan

Tryptophan is an Essential Amino Acid (Essential means that the body can not produce this Amino Acid itself, so we must rely on consuming it through our diet or our supplementation). This Amino Acid is highly important because the body uses it in the manufacture of Serotonin which is important in sleep mediation in the brain. 

3. Vitamin C

Scientific studies have also revealed that people with low levels of Vitamin C in their system have higher a higher tendency to suffer from sleep problems. On most occasions, there is usually enough Vitamin C in food. However, people who do not eat enough, especially food rich in vitamin C should consider taking supplements to correct this.

4. Calcium

Calcium is another important nutrient in Sleep. Especially in REM sleep as disturbances in this type of sleep have been linked to deficiencies in Calcium.

5. Potassium

Potassium is another important mineral in sleep. Studies have shown that the mineral has improved sleep in people who have issues sleeping. Most foods contain Potassium. However, mineral supplements are also available for people who might not have the opportunity to eat healthily.

7. Omega-3s

Studies conducted by the University of Oxford showed that omega-3s can help you get more restful sleep.

8. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is another essential vitamin in the modulation of sleep. The vitamin helps regulate your body stress and help relax your nervous system.

It is often advised that these supplements be taken from food. However, in cases where you are not able to eat healthily. Supplements can be used. Below is a selection of our best sleep formulas that contain some of these key nutrients and can be used to help improve the quality and length of your sleep! 

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