Sleep Formula Review! Oxysleep, Delta Zone & Cort RX

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Sleep Formula Review! Oxysleep, Delta Zone & Cort RX 

There’s nothing worse than hearing your alarm in the morning and feeling like you haven’t had a single hour’s sleep, knowing you have a busy day to attack and you’re already running on empty. Sleep problems effect up to 50% of the population and comes with a barrage of health risks and dangers such as;

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Insomnia
  • Increased Risk of being in a driving accident
  • Increase in stress hormone cortisol
  • Increased appetite
  • Higher Risk of cardiovascular issues, obesity, diabetes & hypertension
  • Increase in symptoms of depression and anxiety 

These risks alone make us want to get a better night’s sleep but when it comes specifically to weight loss lack of sleep becomes much more difficult due to the increased appetite, increase in your body’s cortisol production and general lethargy.

To improve your sleep pattern we always recommend adjusting your behaviour first to see if you notice an improvement, this means things such as;

  • Setting a regular “bed time” to suit your body’s natural circadian rhythm
  • Avoiding naps in the afternoon
  • Avoiding alcohol, caffeine, sugar as well as strenuous or stressful activities / exercise at least 2 hours before bed
  • Practising calming techniques at bed time such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation, a hot bath or reading good book.
  • Creating a perfect environment for sleep that is, quiet, comfortable and dark.

In addition to the above changes to your lifestyle there are also some great supplements you can use to help your body into a state where it is prepared for a deep, restful, restorative sleep. Here is a recap / review of our three best selling sleep formulas and how they help to improve sleep quality;

Cort RX by ATP Science

Effectiveness: 4/5

Cort RX contains all natural adaptagenic herbs that help your body restore it’s natural Cortisol pattern. It’s a slower worker so may not send you into a deep, full nights sleep on the first night but you should certainly notice an improvement over a period of 2-3 weeks.


Cort RX relies on the state of your adrenal system, if you already have a healthy cortisol pattern Cort RX may not give you a noticeable improvement in your sleep.

Value: 4.5/5

Following the ATP Science Cort RX protocol for Fatigue and Sleep Issues you would take 4 caps / day for the first fortnight and then drop down to 2 caps/day for a maintenance dosage. Based on the maintenance dosage Cort RX will be approx $1.30 – $1.50/day.

ATP Science Cort RX Protocol; if you struggle with sleep, suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue then we would recommend 2 capsules with your evening meal and another 2 capsules before bed for the first phase and then drop the dose to 2 capsules with evening meal as a maintenance dose.



Oxysleep – EHP Labs

Effectiveness 4.5/5

Oxysleep helps to reduce cortisol and increase melatonin naturally before sleep to perfect your body’s natural circadian and cortisol rhythms and create the perfect environment for a deep REM sleep. Oxysleep also contains non-stimulant thermogenic and fat burning ingredients (Green Tea, Raspberry Ketones & CLA) to help increase your calorie burn and fat loss results during sleep.


In very very rare cases you may already be creating enough melatonin for a deep REM sleep naturally. In this case Oxysleep may have a reverse result whereby you may feel wakeful throughout the night. In this scenario we do recommend reducing your dose to a ½ scoop which usually has a much better result.

Value 4/5

Oxysleep by EHP Labs is on the slightly more expensive side for sleep formulas. This is mainly due to the extremely high quality, natural ingredients Oxysleep contains. Based on taking 1 scoop/day Oxysleep will cost approx $1.60 - $1.87/day.

Taste 3/5

Due to the combination of the natural ingredients Valerian and Phenibut Oxysleep has an earthy taste, although EHP have designed a special masking component to hide the herbal flavour you can still taste it slightly. It is barely noticeable in the Strawberry Daquiri and Peach Tea flavours while the Fuji Apple is slightly more pronounced.

Delta Zone – BPM Labs

Effectiveness 5/5

Delta Zone is the sleep supplement to try when all else fails. Bringing the big guns Delta Zone is a knockout for when you want to knock yourself out. Delta Zone contains botanical extracts Mucuna Pruriens, Phenibut and Korean Kimchi Extract that help to increase dopamine, melatonin and reduce cortisol again helping your body get into that deep restorative REM Sleep.


Being the intense sleep formula that it is Delta Zone can cause drowsiness in the morning. To assess your tolerance we recommend starting with a half scoop for a week before increasing to a full scoop if necessary. 

Value: 3/5

Delta Zone comes in a 30 serve tub and is around $2/serve. However due to the strength of this sleep formula most people can get away with using half or 2/3’s of a scoop which will stretch the tub a bit further bringing the cost down to $1.00 - 1.44/day.

Taste 4/5

BPM Labs have nailed their new Apple Cinnamon flavour of Delta Zone. It mixes well and this delicious flavour is easy to drink. The Limeade flavour is also very pleasant, unoffensive and tastes just like lime cordial.

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