Summer is Upon Us. Summer Tips video with Fi and Paul

Published : 04/12/2020 10:40:58 | Categories : Info Videos , Motivation, Mindset & Goal Planning , Weight Loss Tips

- Hi Burners, so summer is upon us.

- Summer is upon us

- And we have our Burners. They come in and they ask questions and they chat to us online and say, what can we do?

- Yeah

- Give us some tips. What's the first tip you have to our Burners, now that summer is upon us.

- Look, I think a lot of. If the goal is weight loss, if that's what we're talking about, I think that if you're trying to lose weight coming into summer or during summer, I think it's really important not to panic.

- Don't panic.

- Yeah. Cause I think you kind of feel like, I'm running out of time. I've got to do all this stuff and you might go on an extreme diet or you might start stressing about it. And I feel like stressing is one of the worst things you can do.

- Stressing is gonna make it worse, yeah.

- Yeah. The increase in cortisol, you're actually slowing down the fat-burning processes. So yeah, I would say tip number one would be definitely don't panic. And also, I also think do what you can, most of us have got a pretty standard routine and that's what I've found really helpful in the last few weeks. Moving, celebrating my birthday and stuff. But around that, I've still been having my normal routine. So sort of doing what I can throughout the weeks.

- So you get into a routine. Don't panic, get into a routine.

- Yeah don't panic get into a routine, and don't be afraid to go out and enjoy things, but then just get back on the bandwagon is what I guess I'm trying to say.

- Yeah. Makes sense.

- Yeah.

- So one of my big ones

- Yeah.

- Is to drink more water.

- Yes.

- I tell everyone, you have to drink more water. If you don't drink water, the body needs to store onto toxins in body fat because you're not flushing it out of your system with water. And then when those toxins are in that body fat being stored, because they're not flushed out, the body can't burn that body fat.

- Yeah, it slows you down

- it thinks that fat's storage

- Yeah.

- It slows down the fat loss. So the easiest one is to drink more water. Plus it's getting hotter.

- Yes.

- We need to hydrate.

- And I always feel like there's this kind of two week or like four week period where people go from kind of what I call their winter water intake and then kind of, there's this lag before they really go, Oh wow, it's hotter. I'm sweating more. I'm breathing out more water through my breath, et cetera. They get to kind of increase the water intake to their, what should be their summer water intake.

- Exactly, which in a typical female is three litres, and for a typical male, it's four litres per day. So if you're under that and you need to step it up guys, it'll make the world of difference to your results.

- And I'd.

- And how you feel.

- Yeah, I'd say even if you're drinking in that amount during winter, maybe just increase it a little bit more just to account for your extra sweat extra activity.

- Exactly. And you got any other tricks or tips?

- I would say the next most important thing is be consistent where you can. So kind of like what I said

- With the routine?

- With the routine is hold onto what you can. And I think one of the easiest things to do that week is definitely supplementation. It's so easy, whether it's taking, your capsules or your Oxyshred in the morning or your protein after your workout, It's one of the few things that doesn't take a lot of effort.

- No, it's an easy win, yeah

- Yeah, it's an easy win.

- And consistency is the key with them. We get asked, when do we take them, well on a lot of them, you take it everyday, and you won't get a result in one day. Taking it every day for 30 days adds up to a big result.

- Yeah. And like you say, it's an easy win to not win. And I feel like a lot of kind of staying motivated and staying with your foot in the door, of your weight loss journey is just getting those easy things that kind of build motivation as well, it makes you feel good. Like you've achieved something

- absolutely

- So quickly.

- Hopefully you get

- A little side note though.

- more momentum

- Is definitely diet and exercise number one,

- Absolutely, yeah.

- Yeah, so.

- But you can have your small wins with supplementation. Is there any sort of supplements that you love for weight loss coming into summertime or being some of that summer's here?

- Yeah, I'm pretty basic when it comes to my supplementation. Things that I would generally take for weight loss, is an alcar supplement, CLA supplements. They're kind of like my two fixed things that I would take. And then a thermogenic. so whether it's caffeine or caffeine free, just depending on how I'm feeling at the time. And then I do, I generally take a green supplement every day just cause it gives me great energy makes me feel good.

- And while we're at that, which green supplement are you using?

- I use vitality.

- So does everyone else in the office?

- Yeah.

- And, which fat loss brand are you using for those?

- PC.

- PC Laboratories?

- Yeah.

- And that's how I lost my weight as well. Over the last three months, I lost 12 kilos on PC Laboratories and it targets those stuff in there.

- It's an amazing range. We've had a lot of positive feedback from our customers, so.

- There you go. All right. So there's some tricks and tips coming into summer one. Now that summer is here.

- Yeah , pretty easy. Don't panic

- Don't panic

- Drink water and be consistent.

- Yep, getting the little wins. All right

- Cheers Burners

- Cheers Burners, hope you got something out of that

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