Supplement Advice from CEO Paul and Fiona

Published : 07/10/2021
Supplement Advice from CEO Paul and Fiona

CEO Paul and Fiona are experts in the industry and they're here to share some knowledge before you buy your supplements.

"Supplement Advice from CEO Paul and Fiona" TRANSCRIPT

Hey Burners,

 whether you're a new customer or an existing customer to us here at FBO, Paul and I are here today to share with you our top tips for when you next come to buy your supplements.

Tip number one: is to talk to someone. The first tip that I tell everyone when you're getting into supplements is to talk to someone that knows what they're doing. You know, you may have had your bros explain it to you or a friend with the bro science, but there might be something out there that's better suited, better value, more serves, tastes better for you.


If you talk to someone that knows what they're doing, they will get the right supplement so you don't waste your money.

 Yeah absolutely, and I think that everybody is so different, even in terms of their body shapes and what they can and can't have. So I think you know something that works for your friend might not necessarily work for you. So if you can come in and speak to someone that knows what they're talking about I think that's it's beneficial.


That's right. If you can't come in, get on the phone, get on the live chat. I know at Fat Burners Only we have all those available. We're all more than happy to answer as soon as we can and give you the best-detailed response.

I think the other thing that we like to mention when we say talk to someone, is if you're going to a supp store, if you're coming to see us even. if it is us you know we always like to say make sure the person you're talking to asks you at least two questions. At the very least they should know what your goal is and what you're trying to achieve and maybe what you can and can't have so whether you're able to have caffeine or whether you're able to have dairy. They need to be asking you questions so that they can make informed recommendations. When someone comes to us and says what's the best fat burner we go wait wait wait, what's the best fat burner for you .answer these five questions and then we'll tell you what the best fat burner for you is. We don't want you to waste your money. 

 Tip number two: This is probably the one that i really think is important. So consider what you already have. I think like we said there's so much out there and every product has its time and its place, so there's no bad products but what can often happen is you'll end up with this supplement shelf at home which is just full of products and you don't necessarily know when or how you should be taking them. So when you chat to someone in a supp store mention the products that you already have at home, you know we hate to see products go to waste. So consider what you already have in your cupboard and then inform the person that you're talking to about them and we'll build a protocol either including them and around them and maybe recommend one or two other things. Don't waste your money if you've got something we'll tell you don't waste your money

Number three: I like people to read the reviews you know instead of hearing it straight from the store, which might have an agenda to say something in particular. Read the reviews from other customers. We've got over 4 000 at fat burners only and these are genuine reviews. So if you have any questions or doubts, go straight to the source and ask or read those reviews and see what these people have to say about it.

That's pretty easy on our website for example you just visit the product page and you scroll down, you click reviews and you know most of our products now have reviews on them and they'll talk about the flavors, the results. I think it's an amazing resource if you're not too sure about a product or even if you just want to know which flavor you should have. If buying from Fat Burners Only, putting those reviews down make the world of difference to us even if they're bad, they're good. We need to have the reviews, so we really appreciate you guys taking the time to do them. It really helps our community.

 I thought you're going to give them a discount code, you can give them a discount code if you like you can use a discount code: THANKS10 at the checkout if you watch this video.

I think that's about it, that's the tips for buying supplements: so number one was talk to someone, number two was to consider what you already have and number three was read the reviews.

Hope you got something out of that Burners we'll catch you soon cheers.

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