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Published : 23/05/2018 17:53:32 | Categories : Video Reviews


[Transcript] - Hi Burners, it's Paul here from Fat Burners Only, today to give you the lowdown on the best-selling stack on the Fat Burners Only website, the Oxyshred Fat Burning Stack. So this is being put together specifically to burn calories and fat from those really hard to move areas on the stomach for guys and stomach and thighs for girls. And I'll explain how it works and how to take it to actually make the most of that fat burning opportunity that this stack will give you.

So first of all, we start with Australia's number one selling fat burner, Oxyshred. So, I'm sure it needs no introduction. For those of you that don't know it, perfect starting fat burner. It's easy to take. It's not overly stimulating but it gives you enough energy and a good energy so you'll train harder and you'll burn more calories. It also comes in six fantastic flavours which again is why it's one of the most popular or is the most popular fat burner in Australia. You've got kiwi, strawberry, passion fruit, mango, guava pink grapefruit and wild melon. So you take this guy here, the fat burner to burn calories.

The next thing we wanna do is make sure that those calories are coming from body fat and not muscle tissue. That's where Carnitine comes into the equation. So what Carnitine does is it opens up the mitochondria of our cells to accept fat as a primary fuel source. So it stops the body catabolyzing muscle tissue for fuel and starts going for fat. So when we're burning calories through the fat burner, this product here the Carnitine is making sure those calories are coming from fat. However, most of the time people wanna make sure that fat is coming from the stomach and thighs and that's when CLA kicks in.

So CLA is a unique fatty acid that's naturally derived from the safflower plant. They get the oil out of the plant and then they refine it to get an 80% yield of conjugated linoleic acid or CLA. So what it does is you take the CLA and the body produces a specific enzyme but only in relation to CLA. This enzyme works like a lock and key and it's trying to find a fat source in your body that this key can fit and the only fat that it can fit is that stubborn adipose tissue that deposits on the stomach for guys and the stomach and thighs for girls. So what it will do is that enzyme will go to the area, break up the fat and move it into the bloodstream which is half the battle in trying to target this area. Once it's in the bloodstream, the Carnitine can then move it into the cell and then your Oxyshred will burn it. So that's how we can draw that straight line from burning calories from fat, from the stomach and thighs.

So if you have any questions on the best-selling stack on, just send us a message on our website, in a private chat, go to our Facebook page and private message us or go to our contact page and send us an e-mail or a contact page e-mail to [email protected] And that's if you have a question on the general stack or any of these individually. We're happy to help. Otherwise thanks for watching. We'll catch up next time. Cheers Burners.

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