Video: BCAAs Vs EAAs

Published : 29/05/2020 14:58:12 | Categories : Video Reviews


- Hey Burners, I'm with the sup guy, Dan. He knows everything about supplements. He's used them all, he's tried them all and he knows all the science behind them and what we've been hearing about recently in regards to BCAAs, is that you need to add EAAs for them to work. Can you tell us a bit about that?

- Well the whole thing with that is that your body needs all the nine or eight, depending on if you include histidine or not, essential amino acids to build muscle tissue, yeah?

- Yeah.

- So that's always been the case, that's basic nutrition. So, hence why, if your following a vegan diet that you would actually need to make sure that you blend grain and legume sources to get all your aminos

- aminos.

- Yeah, which is, I think a lot of vegetarians forget to do as well, so they're obviously not getting a lot of usable protein. So, the benefit, if you were someone, EAAs versus BCAAs, the easiest way to explain this: if you are getting adequate protein foods throughout the day, so if you're someone who's good with your diet, you're getting two to three hours, you're always eating full, you know, complete sources of protein.

- So what's an example of a complete source of protein?

- Okay, so like your eggs, dairy, meat, those sort of things like that.

- So you're getting all of them there but if you're vegan, you'll need to cross.

- Ideally, yeah, you need to cross like a legume source and a grain source of protein.

- Sure.

- Which, you know you'll see a lot of vegan proteins where they'll combine both sources.

- Rice and pea protein.

- Yes, a hundred percent, yeah. So with the amino acids, look if you're someone, your diet's completely on point, you're getting all those regular protein feeds, it means you're getting all the essentials, and you're getting them in the right amounts. Then a BCAA should be fine because at that point there, it's just gonna help trigger protein synthesis further, with the Leucine content and help, obviously help your body convert more of that protein you're taking in to be muscle tissue yeah? But, if you were someone that's not a hundred percent on your diet, lets say like, you're just not that, let's face it, people are busy, you end up skipping meals, things happen, sometimes you know, you're protein intakes on and off, you may be better off supplementing with an EAA. Because that way you at least, like even if you have missed a meal, or you haven't got this in here, at least you're getting the full spectrum of amino acids your body needs to build that tissue.

- And so, an example of that.

- Yeah.

- Is this guy here. So they put in your EAAs as well.

- Yeah, so they've added the EAAs as well as the BCAAs. You've got the electrolytes in there as well. So yeah, basically, the best thing for you to do really, is to adjust where your diets at and then you can find out what products gonna be best for you.

- Cool, and just out of interest, this guy here is ProSupps Hydro BCAA. Do you love this one?

- They taste, they've got the flavours down par, as far as I amino go.

- And a really good ingredient profile so that's that guy there. Thanks for explaining that to us, I know this is sort of going rampant at the moment, BCAAs versus EAAs. Hopefully, you learned something from that Burners, thanks Dan, appreciate that, cheers.

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