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- Hi, burners, I'm here with Nathan Jacobs. Thanks for coming all the way to Perth to pay us a visit.

- No worries, man.

- And Nathan is the mastermind, owner, CEO, everything behind the new brand to hit our website, Force Element, and how long ago did you start the brand?

- So we started just under a year ago. I've been in the industry for a while, and I do have a business partner in it, and his background, he spent 10 years in 2nd Commando.

- Right, OK.

- So he's a Special Forces guy.

- Special Forces, all right. So, what was your goal on products to make? Sort of, did you find there was a hole in the market? Did you try and do something different?

- I don't think there's a hole in the market. What I take for a supplement, what you take for a supplement, what everyone watching takes for a supplement, is completely different for everyone.

- Sure.

- So I didn't think there was a hole, I just didn't see a lot that really inspired me. I didn't see a lot that I looked at and wanted to take.

- Right.

- Was the big thing for me, so I started playing around, and I like getting a little bit nerdy with ingredients, and playing around with raws and doing things like that.

- I can tell, we were chatting before and, yeah, you're definitely a bit of an ingredient nerd, which I like, cause I'm the same.

- Yeah, and, you know, just started playing around with things. I've had an idea in the back of my head for the last, sort of three, maybe four years of what I would like to do with a brand, a premium sports performance brand and a true performance brand.

- Well, I suppose, let's get to the products. There's five different ones here. Let's start over here. We've got the, what's Warning Order?

- So, Warning Order's our highest in pre-workout. So, Dynamine, Teacrine, caffeine based pre-workout.

- Yep.

- There's no DMHAs, no anything like that.

- Nothing banned.

- No, no.

- Nothing that would flag a drug test.

- The other thing we've left out of it is beta alanine, cause I just, personally, I hate skin tingles.

- Okay so it's a tingle-free beta alanine-free pre workout.

- Tingle free, no niacin in there either so, no tingles, no flushing, no itchy skin. Instead of doing that, we've gone with PeakO2, which is a mushroom blend we were talking about before.

- Yes.

- Massive fan of it.

- It does work. I'm a fan too.

- It does work, I've used it. From a science perspective, from being a mushroom product as well, I just love mushrooms and the things that are out there now about anti-aging and longevity as well. Big fan of that.

- Yeah. And that's in here and it's in the other one, as well, that you mentioned, it was Fight Through too.

- So we put it in there because, I'm a system guy, I like having a system, so, part of that, and we'll get to this shortly, part of that is a sleep formula. Then we have our two pre-workouts.

- Right.

- So, when you talk PeakO2 loading phase, so that's 56 grams.

- Sure.

- So you wanna try and hit that loading phase as fast as you can. So these are one gram per scoop.

- Yep.

- Also one gram per scoop PeakO2. So, regardless whether want the stim pre-workout, you want the non-stim pre-workout, if you're stacking with that sleep formula, you'll hit that dose within about 14 days which was what was actually studied.

- Right okay, so we've got a bit of a system here. So these are designed to be taken together?

- Yeah.

- You don't want a stim, you take these together?

- Yeah, exactly.

- And they'll actually work based around studied doses of that ingredient, PeakO2?

- Yeah, correct.

- Okay, and then the other two products what do we have?

- So we've got a L-Carnitine based fat burner, so 30 serve, two grams of L-Carnitine split between a gram of Acetyl L-Carnitine, which is obviously more a focused metal clarity type version of L-Carnitine and then L-Carnitine Tartrate which is the more studied for actual fat loss and fat metabolization, version of L-Carnitine.

- Sure, I see. Okay, so that's your, and that's stim-based, the Cleared Hot?

- It is stim-based, yes.

- And then what's the Fire Support?

- So that is a very basic product, nine essential aminos, tart cherry extract.

- Right okay. So that's your intro-workout or your EAA BCA product?

- Yeah.

- Awesome, and so this guy here, you've got the tart cherry in both of them, is the tart cherry beneficial for sleep?

- It's more along the recovery line.

- Recovery line, okay.

- So this was, and with the changes we've had with legislation in Australia, I think it's very hard to make what I would call a sleep product.

- Yeah, all the good ingredients that worked they're banned.

- Yeah. So what I call a sleep product is one scoop and I'm out with, you know, 15 to 20 minutes.

- Right.

- And we just can't do that ingredient-wise in Australia we can't do that now, so I had a little bit of a blend that I was playing around with to help me sleep, I mean I've got a two and a half year old so sleep for me is just, doesn't really happen.

- Sure.

- As everyone knows sleep's when you do your recovery, when you do your repair and we thought well let's go and do a product that's got both in it and ticks both of those boxes, so we've got a nice little relaxation, recovery, adrenal type base and then we've got your PeakO2s and your--

- And that's all in that product?

- Yeah. And you know, high dose of magnesium, zinc as well which are important for literally everybody.

- Yeah, awesome. All right, and that's the night formula and so, just a bit of a summary we have two different pres, one's a stim-free, one is stim-based.

- Yes.

- We have a fat burner, Cleared Hot and that's a full dose of L-Carnitine, we have your intro workout which your Fire Support with your EAAs as well, which everyone knows these days if they're study-based that you need the EAAs to complete the amino acid chain.

- Yes.

- And then the night time formula, so five awesome products.

- Yeah.

- Cool, well done and we're about to try some so stayed tuned for some more videos, we'll see what they taste like. Appreciate it, thanks for coming.

- Thanks, man.

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