Video Review: What's new with Oxyshred?

Published : 06/09/2019 16:05:26 | Categories : Fat Burner Reviews , Video Reviews


Transcipt:- Hey burners, I'm standing here with a product that needs no introduction, OxyShred, Australia's most popular fat-burner.
But you may have noticed recently, the old label has changed into a new label. But is that the only difference? Well, no it's not. They've actually made some improvements to the new-label OxyShred.

So what they've done to start, is they've changed their coloring and flavors to be all natural, there's no artificial colors or flavors in the new OxyShred.

So they've also added in three new ingredients to make the new OxyShred even better. They've included synephrine, hydroxycitric acid, and Huperzine A.

So synephrine is an extract from bitter orange that will boost your thermogenesis and energy without increasing your heart rate.

The addition of hydroxycitcric acid will actually block an enzyme the body produces that converts carbs that you eat from becoming fat on the body.

And then Huperzine A works synergistically with the existing ingredients, taurine, tyrosine and acetyl carnitine to help with cognitive function to get through that diet more effectively throughout the day as well as increased blood flow to the brain so you've got more focus.So we're burning more calories without getting the heart rate up, we're blocking carbs from becoming fat on the body and we're helping with cognitive function as well.

They've also taken out the ingredient higenamine in here. Now, higenamine was recently listed with WADA and ASADA. Now these guys are the governing body for banned substances in sport, and like I said, higenamine was just listed with them as a banned substance, so they've taken higenamine out of OxyShred, so it's made OxyShred completely fine to take when you're prepping for drug-tested competition, or if you're competing in high-level sport.

So that's the low down on the changes, they've changed the label, they've made it nicer, easier and better to look at. They've included those three new awesome ingredients. They've made it all natural, no artificial colors or flavors. And to top it off, there's now no banned substances in OxyShred so anyone can enjoy it. That's the change. Hope you got something out of that burners, if you do have any more questions about OxyShred, just whack a comment in the comment section to this video, give us a call in the store, or hit us up in our live chat in our website and one of our friendly team will get back to you. Thanks for watching burners, we'll catch you next time, cheers.

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