Video Review: BSC Shred Ultra Taste Test and Review

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FIONA: Hey Burners, I'm here with Paul and for the first time we are going to be trying the Body Science Shred Ultra. 
So we're gonna be doing a taste test and we're also gonna be learning a little bit about this product. 

PAUL: So a bit about the product. So it's relatively new and it's AUST-L listed, so really cool and open label on all the ingredients inside Shred Ultra. 
AUST-L is a listing when it's registered with the Therapeutic Goods Association. So all the ingredients have to be permissible and within protocol levels to actually make it on the AUST-L listing page.

FIONA: Okay. So it means it's very clinical, very clean. Nice. And within guidelines as well.

PAUL: So they start with a full clinical dose of garcinia cambogia in there, which you probably all heard of before. Does a few things, so it reduces your appetite, and blocks any carbs that you eat from becoming fat on the body.

They also put in some natural forms of caffeine from green tea, guarana and green coffee. So you'll get this really nice natural energy hit, not this jittery energy hit, and it's staged, so you get energy to start and lasting pretty much all day. 

They also put ingredients like ashwagandha to help with your adrenal health, so when you're stressed and when you're getting some stimulants in your system to give you that energy boost, your adrenals and your cortisol is controlled. So a really smart product. 

They put in some chromium which may stabilize blood sugar levels as well as some B vitamin so you don't get any crash, and then they also put in inositol. So this is an amino acid that helps detox a fatty liver as well as metabolize fat, so it keeps the liver healthy at the same time. 

So a really nice feeling product, but we've never actually tried it. So, should we try it and see what tastes best? 

FIONA: Yeah, for sure let's get stuck in. So just to recap on that, reducing appetite, increasing energy, no crash, super clean, sounds like a good buy. Liver health. Yup, and adrenal health. I'm excited to try. It sorta ticks all the boxes. Okay.

PAUL: It comes in four flavors, so we've got watermelon, grape, blue raspberry and passion fruit.

FIONA: I'm a massive passion fruit fan so I'm most excited to try this one. But we can maybe start from the watermelon. Okay. Let's give it a go. Cool. 

They all look the same, don't they? I think there's no artificial colors. It doesn't look like they've kind of added anything. Oh, and it is vegan. So if there's any vegans out there looking for a fat burner. 

Man, they just kill it with their watermelon flavors, don't they? 

PAUL: Very, very pleasant, yeah. Yeah. It's really nice. Not overly sweet either, which is good. 

FIONA: Kinda tastes, kinda reminiscent of a Chupa Chup, maybe a little bit less sweet. Yes, yeah. Yeah, I really like it. But clearly watermelon. Little bit of sour in there, does it have some ALCAR maybe? 

PAUL: There is some carnitine as well, which I didn't mention which is my favorite fat-loss ingredient, so it allows the body to metabolize fat as fuel, stops the body burning muscle tissue. So a must in every fat burner and this is no exception. 

Perfect. What's the next flavor? Grape flavor, so this was in their kind of second release of flavors I believe. I haven't tried it but it's been moving really, really well on fat burners.  All right so natural color, so not purple. It smells nice, it smells like  rolly grape bubblegum.

FIONA:Oh, wow, okay, that's for me, better than watermelon. That's delicious. 

PAUL: Oh yeah, that's a really, really nice balance of kind of sweet and that little kick of sour as well. I have to say, I think this is yeah, number one. So far. Number one so far. 

 And then next we have blue raspberry, which is kind of like a crowd-pleaser I feel. It is a crowd favorite. You know, in all the other pre-workouts and all that, blue raspberry's one of the bestsellers. 

FIONA:  All right. Kind of real raspberry. 

Paul: Yeah, again I like it. Yeah. They're not offensive at all though. I think they're quite natural and they haven't used a lot of sucralose. So being vegan, people usually like more natural. 

They've really sort of ticked the boxes there.

FIONA: Would you say, just from sort of what I'm getting so far, if you're looking for more of the sweet, candy flavor, I would go maybe for the watermelon, and then maybe the grape if you like that really, tasty pre-workout or fat burner.
If you're wanting something a bit more natural, like the taste, like a real raspberry, I would say that would be the go-to if you're wanting something fruity that tastes not like a lolly. Yeah, well do you like that better than the grape? No , I like the grape still the best. Grape's still my number one, and that's their new one. I think they knew what they were doing when they had the second release.

PAUL: But this. Oh, this is your favorite, passion fruit. 

FIONA: I think it'll be my favorite, I love passion fruit. All right, let's try. They do a good job. It does have kind of a nice smell to it as well. Mm, that's like, like passion fruit pop, is the flavor.

It's not really a lolly fake flavor, it's really like a real passion fruit flavor. But again, quite mild. Yeah, that's definitely my favorite. I could see myself drinking this every day. Whereas something like the watermelon or the grape I think I might have for a week and then, you know, it'd get a bit wearing. 

PAUL: That one's definitely the most sour out of the lot. It's got a bit more of a sour kick. 

 So can we rate it? 

FIONA: Yeah, let's rate it.

PAUL: I like rating things so, for me, grape is definitely number one. It would then go passion fruit, blue raspberry and watermelon. But when I started with watermelon, I thought it was great too. And it's my fourth flavor. 

So that's the way, grape, passion fruit, blue raspberry and watermelon. How would you go?

FIONA: I would go fairly similar. Like you say there's nothing in there that you wouldn't enjoy. I think for something to drink kind of ongoing, I'd definitely go number one passion fruit. Number two would probably be grape, and then I would probably go watermelon and then blue raspberry, maybe. 

PAUL: Okay, so a bit different. but definitely passion fruit and the grape are just delicious. 

FIONA: Yeah, I agree, they're in my top two as well, just spin them around for me. 

PAUL: All right, well I hope you got something out of that. I supposed we learned about the product, what it can do and the ingredients. The fact that it is AUST-L listed with the Therapeutic Goods Association. 

FIONA: And vegan. Super clean. There's no artificial colors clearly. Yes. And they're very pleasant flavors. Plus, no added sugar, gluten-free. 

PAUL: There you go. Okay, sugar-free, gluten-free. Yeah. So relatively natural. Awesome. 

Thanks for watching guys. If you have any questions about the Body Science Shred Ultra, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below, otherwise like Paul said, thanks for watching and we'll see you in our next video. See you burners, bye.

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