Video Review: G-Fuel by Gamma Labs

Published : 21/10/2019 13:05:54 | Categories : Video Reviews


Transcript:-  I'm super excited to announce that G-Fuel, is now available at

So if you haven't seen G-Fuel before, it's massive in America. And the G stands for gaming, so this is gaming fuel, and it's designed to be an energy formula that helps with focus, so it's got ingredients in their amino acids and plant extracts to dial in dopamine production in the brain. Gives you that laser focus, so what it will do for gaming is it will increase your reaction speed so you're faster. It'll help with accuracy and give you energy so you don't fatigue, so you can game better.

Not only is it great for gaming, it's great for giving you energy and focus for work and just general life. But it's designed for gamers.

Now you can see here with all these colors it comes in some amazing flavors. There's 10 in fact to choose from. So, I'm just gonna go through them with you, cause some of them are quite funky. So, we have : blue ice. Cotton candy. Tropical rain. This guy here is funny, inspired by Dr. Respect, we have black on blackberry.

We have watermelon. Rainbow sherbet. Sour blue chug rug. I don't actually know what that means, I'm sure someone understands it out there. We have kiwi-strawberry. Bahama mama and peach mango.And you can take my word for it, they all taste incredible as well.

So, I'm gonna go through a few numbers here. So, previously you had to order this product from America. It took four weeks to get to Australia and once you factored in the exchange rate and shipping you're paying about $80 per unit. Now available at Fat Burners Only, it's under $60 per tub and you get free express postage, so you'll get it within a day or two.

So, there you have it burners. The massive brand G-Fuel, now available at If you do have any questions about G-Fuel please just leave a comment in the comment section to this video or get in touch with us directly via the phone number in the top right hand side corner of our website. You can hit us up on our live chat website, Facebook messenger, email. You name it. Get in touch with us we can answer any questions that you have. Thanks for watching burners.

We're super excited about G-Fuel, we hope you are too. We'll catch you later. Cheers.

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