Video Review: Muscle Nation Protein

Published : 21/08/2019 13:41:18 | Categories : Fat Burner Reviews , Video Reviews

Transcript: Hey, Burners. I have with me here the awesome protein from Muscle Nation and I'm just going to spend a bit of time telling you about the ingredients in here, Because it's actually a little bit different to other proteins out there.

I'll also answer the ever popular question: Does it taste good?

Now, just to start with, each serve lends 25 grams of quality Whey Protein Isolate. There's 6.2 grams of naturally occurring BCAAS in there. They don't add any BCAAS, that's naturally occurring.

There's 4.7 grams of glutamine and glutamine precursors in here which is really important for recovery.

You've got 2,000 milligrams of Velositol. Now, this ingredient is a form of chromium hybrid that helps the body absorb protein and helps with protein synthesis. You'll absorb it better, you'll get a better recovery.

You've got 100 milligrams of digestive enzymes in here, so the body can break down the protein in the gut to absorb more effectively. They also put in 50 milligrams of AstraGin. Now, this is an expensive ingredient and helps with absorption in a healthy manner through the gut.

You've got 114 calories per serve, so ultra low calories. There's zero gums, creamers, or fillers, it's just Whey Protein Isolate and it's gluten-free and has no lactose.

Now, when you're looking at a label, we look for the  logos, because it shows they're using patented ingredients.

That is why the product is so superior, it's also super, super creamy on the palette, so it's really nice to digest, it mixes up no problem at all,

All tick the boxes for texture, flavour, and quality. 

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