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Transcript:- Hey Burners. So you can see here to my right I have a weird eclectic collection of products, and what I wanted to talk to you today about is the weird products on Fat Burners Only, that actually work.

So we'll start with this guy here, you can see it's Switch. And what is in here? It is blue light glasses. Now these are for sale on Fat Burners Only, and they're really important for blocking the blue light that comes from your electronic devices, such as laptops, iPads, computers, et cetera.

Now, it's important to block it all through the day so we don't put the strain on our eyes, and mess with our hormones. But, before bed, in particular, if we're getting too much blue light, we're not going to release enough melatonin naturally to sleep. So, really important, all day, but particularly before bed put these on, blocks the blue light. These are for sale at Fat Burners Only.

Next we have this weird tube, from ATP Science, Prototype 8. So, if you haven't seen this product before, it is super popular. It is a pump cream. So you actually put it on the body parts that you are training at the gym. It's gonna increase blood flow, and maximize waste removal. So, really really cool, really popular. Get a bigger pump in your chest, or your biceps, when you train, just pop it on, and go for your life at the gym.

Next we have this guy here, another ATP Science product. It is their Noway protein bar. So, why is it weird, there's lots of protein bars out there. This one is a collagen bar, and look at the texture of it, it's like a jelly. So I love it, bit weird. So that's for sale at Fat Burners Only. You buy them in a box, there's three flavors, you've got chocolate, banana and lemon, and you do have an assorted variety, where you can try all three. That's quite strange.

Next we have the Perfect Shaker, so there are a little bit weird, you might think why are they weird? Well if you open it up you'll see what I mean, they're not a typical shaker. They've gone one step further with their technology, they've actually put the blender ball on a rod, so when you shake it, goes up and down like this, you don't lose the blender ball, but also it also makes sure that you mix up your proteins or whatever you're mixing in here very very effectively, gets a lot of kinetic energy into that shake, so that's a bit weird.

Next we have a body science product here, HydroxyBurn Clinical. So looks like a normal product, why is it strange? Well what they've done is they've included in here a clinically trialed ingredient Bluenesse, which is a specialized lemon balm extract, to help with adrenal and cortisol function, so it's gonna normalize cortisol, and what that's gonna do is make it easier to react to stress and stop the body storing water and body fat around the midsection as a response to increased cortisol. So that's a normal product, why is it weird? Well they've actually combined it with some fat burning ingredients, including caffeine. So on one hand we're controlling and regulating our cortisol production, then next we're giving our system caffeine to give us energy. But that's actually not a bad thing so, when we hit the caffeine in our system, it actually produces the hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline and epinephrine. And so we get these hormones pumping round, giving us energy and burning body fat, and the Bluenesse is keeping the cortisol under control, so actually a really smart product, helping with cortisol and giving us energy and fat burning at the same time. Quite different, does very well on Fat Burners Only, if you weren't aware of it.

The final weird product we have here, again from ATP science, 'cause they are, let's be honest, a little bit weird, in a good way, is their AMP-V. So in this little dropper bottle is a special oil that we put directly into our mouth, and it helps with fat loss.

The way they do it is they combine your CLA oil in here, which is great for hitting adipose or stubborn fat, and moving it, so we can actually shift this stubborn body fat. And they combine it with peppermint, grapefruit, as well as pomegranate seed extracts. Now these ingredients will activate a whole lot of pathways to help hit cellulite, to hit our core body temperature, so we're burning more calories, but this funky little product here, in a dropper and an oil will help burn stubborn body fat. So six weird and wonderful products that actually work on Fat Burners Only, we thought you might be interested in checking them out. If you have any questions about these products, just whack a comment in the comment section below this video, or just hit us up directly via our website, our Facebook page, or just give us a call, and one of our friendly team members will get in touch and answer any questions that you have. Thanks for watching Burners, here's the weird and wonderful, I've opened this, so I get to eat this now, we'll catch you later, cheers.

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