Video: What is Trust Pilot

Published : 23/10/2019 14:21:35 | Categories : Video Reviews


Transcript:- Hey, burners, I'm Fiona from Fat Burners Only and something you may not know about me is that I help with a lot of the development of the Fat Burners Only website.

So I help to come up with new modules, new functionality that will help to improve the user experience of our website, when you come and visit us. I wanted to let you in on a new module that we have on the website now, called Trustpilot.

Trustpilot is a consumer-based reviews platform that allows us to collect verified reviews from customers on our service and on the products that we sell here at Fat Burners Only. So to leave a review on the Trustpilot platform, you have to have made a purchase from Fat Burners Only. Seven days after you make your purchase, you'll receive an email.

It will ask you to leave a review on our service and on the product that you've purchased on our website. Now if you've been following us for a little while, we believe that all feedback is good feedback, good or bad, so we really encourage you to be as honest as possible, not only when it comes to the product review, but also when it comes to our service. We want you to give us feedback as much as possible on what we do good, what we do bad, where you think we can improve, so that we can continue to improve your experience with us.

And then, equally as important, is the product reviews. So when you're reviewing the products from our website, we encourage you to be as honest and as detailed as possible. Talk about the taste, talk about the flavors, talk about the result, talk about the effects, Please share as much as you possibly can about the products that you've purchased, because your reviews, your feedback really help to expand our community and help to educate the other burners about products that they may, or may not, enjoy, so they can make smart choices and spend their money wisely when it comes to their supplementation.

So that's a little bit about the brand new Trustpilot module installed on the Fat Burners Only website. If you're interested in reading some of our service reviews, you can scroll to the bottom of the website and click the link here, and read through some of the great reviews from our loyal burners.

If you're interested in reading reviews on products that you may like, this is the product page, scroll down to the word reviews, click on that to reveal the Trustpilot reviews on that particular product, and you can read about the flavors, the effects, and make the right choice for your supplementation.

If you have any questions about the website, any suggestions on how we can improve what we do, please feel welcome to leave a comment in the comment section of this video, otherwise, thank you so much for watching burners, and we'll see you in our next video, cheers.

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