Weight-loss Journey: Lukes Transformation Interview

Published : 05/10/2021
Weight-loss Journey: Lukes Transformation Interview

We loved this interview with one of our fabulous Burners. Paul is asking about his incredible transformation and the reason why he started on this journey.

"Weight-loss Journey: Lukes Transformation Interview" TRANSCRIPT

‘I suppose a lot of people are like ‘oh no I can't do it’ but then here you are working night shifts, day shifts, big hours, full family and approaching 40. You’ve also had a massive motorcycle crash broken, back, shoulder knees and you're in the gym and you're doing it. There's no excuses if you're in there you're doing it. Everyone can do it, You see all different people in the gym and every single one of us are champions so that's  the only thing you can do is get in there and have a go. We're all there to be make ourselves better and be better versions of ourselves and I think every single person can do that.

Hey Burners we have an impromptu meeting, it’s not planned. This is my friend: Luke. He's one of my best friends and i've known him since we were four years old.  He's had a massive transformation he's

blown all our minds we've just said look can we talk to you about what you've done because our burners would really like to know how you got such an amazing result, in really not a lot of time either. Tell us when the journey started for you because the guys would have seen the 

photo by now.

Well a few years back I had my first child and I was quite  overweight and had a  pretty unhealthy lifestyle. It dawned on me that if if i was going to change something for my future and for my kids it was now or never and that's sort of what got me motivated in the beginning I think trying to live healthier and longer for my kids. 

Did you ever have that moment which a lot of people say, they saw a photo or anything or was it just something that was always gnawing at you.

Yeah, there was a couple of those moments i 

think and then it all led to to finally making a decision so it's at the middle of 2021 now, when did you decide that you were gonna get in the gym and smash it? 

 I think it's about two/three years ago i have to think back but yeah it's about two three years ago when i started and yeah it started basically just learning as i was going. I didn't really hit the gym not knowing what i was doing so  the only advantage i had was probably having a a very good buddy with a lot of knowledge to bounce off, which was a big help, so it was just a learning journey i guess but and

 how much did you weigh before you started what did you get up to?

My heaviest was 122 kilos 

 and what are you sitting at now

 just over 100 now 

so i think we've also got to sort of prefix that with the 

fact that you didn't have anywhere near as much muscle then as you do that that was 120 to odd  kilos of not going to the gym, yes so drinking eating watching tv and playing computer games that was 

the routine. So we've just done a body scan and it's come up with the fact that you're 45  kilos of muscle so you'd think that back then you'd have had at least five maybe more kilos of muscle as well back then so you put on five kilos of muscle and you would have lost a lot more than 20 kilos of body fat.

I mean when i when i first took my weight loss, the lowest i got was 92 which was nowhere near the lean muscle work or the weights was nowhere as  heavy as they are now so you lost 30 kilos at that point but now you're 10 kilos more but holding a lot more muscle mass. Yeah now i'm focusing on the actual bodybuilding side of it and rather than the uh the full-blown cardio and diet 

so still learning still journeying so next step is i'll try to cut down again, which is going to be another fun gym 

What's your goal weight at this point?

Well it's a tough one, 90 kilos is always my go-to but i think when I get there i'll have to reassess , so it's like constantly making that next step so 90 is the goal at the moment.

How often are you training at the gym at the moment?

 Well I work shift work which is difficult, 

I basically get two rest days out of nine, 

right so you're training a good seven days yep having two day breaks and then training seven days and what do you find is motivating you for those because obviously you started from a position where you 

weren't training you didn't know a lot about fitness and you changed your life and you look fantastic, what's motivating you now to stay at the gym and continue to reach the goals.

  Right now you get addicted to compliments. I’m getting a lot of you know well you know you like when you  walk in fat burners yeah well like oh geez yeah that's always s bit like there's people 

haven't seen in a year or two you know then they they make a comment and of course that feed your ego.

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