Why CEO Paul Takes a Daily Cold Shower

Published : 13/06/2021
Why CEO Paul Takes a Daily Cold Shower

FBO CEO Paul Cold Showers

Very little provides the relaxing sensations of a steam-filled shower enclosure, especially during those crisp winter mornings.

But have you ever thought about taking a cold one and the benefits that come with it?

Here are four reasons our CEO insists on braving a cool cascade at least once a day.

It’s a mood improver.

Depression is rampant among many communities, cultures and countries. While there are plenty of medications to help those suffering, simply taking a daily cold shower could be the mood-lifter that turns your day from bad to good.

Cold showers can help keep the demons at bay through a light form of electroshock therapy as well as hydrotherapy.

A 5-mute daily cold shower releases endorphins providing a sense of wellbeing and happiness while increasing energy levels and overall mood.

Boosts metabolism

We all have what’s considered both brown and white fat inside of us. The ‘brown fat’ in our bodies can indicate how healthy our white fat is – the one associated with being overweight.

Taking a cold shower every day stimulates brown fat and may contribute to a faster metabolism and accelerate weight loss.

This might help as a long-term weight loss solution when used integrally with healthy eating habits and regular exercise. Cold showers may also balance hormone levels.

Assists the circulatory system

Coldwater hitting our backs for the first time will undoubtedly trigger some discomfort. However, it forces your body to work to keep a stable, healthy internal temperature.

This can improve your overall circulation, get it working at its optimum levels and may even enhance skin appearance.

It’s no wonder we see athletes utilising cold showers and ice baths post-exercise. Coldness assists the circulatory system, similar to how ice packs reduce inflammation and swelling.

Cold showers can also improve blood flow, helping those with diabetes and high blood pressure.

It could increase your immune function.

Our bodies possess bacteria-battling leukocytes that, when shocked with cold water, are more efficiently activated, helping to fight off illness.

Beginning a daily cold shower routine for those with low immunity or who are prone to regular seasonal colds and cases of flu is highly recommended.

There have even been studies to suggest cold showers may contribute to making your body more cancer-resistant.

How do I make the switch?

In love with hot showers? Start your transition by just slightly easing off on the ‘H’ tap a little more with every shower.

Decrease the temperature incrementally and get used to it. Once comfortable with your new temperature, add some extra cold. Then some more, and some more…

Eventually, you’ll enjoy the cold counterpart to the point where the hot tap remains permanently untouched!

Happy showering!

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