A Rising Demand for Nutrient-dense Supplement

Published : 25/07/2021
A Rising Demand for Nutrient-dense Supplement

Farming and agricultural processes are changing. How we grow and fresh source produce requires an overhaul to ensure long-term sustainability prevails worldwide.

With our soil becoming both scarce and nutrient-poor, the industry is far overdue for an adjustment.

Can we slow this depletion, and is there a way to replace the valuable nutrition our bodies thrive off on a daily basis?

What’s happening to our soil?

In a nutshell, the average topsoil depth across the earth’s farmable landscape is decreasing, creating a crisis surrounding food growth.

This is predominantly due to excessively rigorous farming practices over decades of production with a combination of vehicles, machinery, and nature to blame.

Farmers around the world are having to deal with this ever-thinning topsoil predicament, making it more challenging to grow nutrient-rich foods.

The soil requires preservation and only sustains its top grade classification for so long. This means we need to start either growing crops smarter or find another way to get our daily recommended nutritional intake.

Surely there’s plenty of land to build more farms. What’s the real issue?

While the earth may seemingly present endless space to grow food, it’s not the amount of space that’s the primary issue; it’s the quality of the soil.

Often farming can be a trial and error-type deal – you won’t know exactly how poor the soil is until you start growing crops.

Some farming communities are faced with a multitude of crop-growing difficulties degrading their soil’s precious nutrition, including:

  • Wind and water erosion
  • Compaction
  • A decrease in soil biodiversity
  • Pollution, and
  • Excess salinity

Is supplementation the key?

Although the threat and impacts haven’t yet reached stages of complete catastrophe, introducing other ways to dose up on vitamins and minerals could be a great alternative.

With an increased demand for dietary super-supplements, these products are being manufactured to feature a range of nutrition in both capsule and powder forms. There’s also an abundance of problem-solving support towards the push for such products and the farming industry.

Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition is a leading dietary supplement and is a prime example of an effective source of nutrients that’s seeing a rise in demand.

Nutrient-dense supplement products like this are becoming increasingly popular among users of all ages, occupations, and athletic calibers.

Vitality Switch offers a dose of dozens of the ‘world’s healthiest ingredients, with nutrient-related health benefits such as:

  • Reinforcing immunity strength
  • Improving digestive health
  • Increasing mental sharpness
  • Full body detoxification
  • Reducing inflammation and many more!

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