X50 Green Tea- Video Review

Published : 24/05/2018 13:09:22 | Categories : Video Reviews

[Transcript]- Hi Burners, Paul here from Fat Burners Only today to go through one of the most recognisable supplements on the Australian market. The ever popular X50 Green Tea extract.

So, this guy here is a green tea resveratrol product. Very popular because it tastes good and it really works. So, I just want us to go through what it actually will do for you and how those ingredients will work. As well as the great flavours you can choose from as well. So, the green tea extract in the X50 is a great natural antioxidant and will scavenge free radicals from your training as well as help with recovery. But, it's widely used in the supplement industry for its fat loss potential. So what it does, is it will boost your metabolic rate, have you burning more calories as well as give you more energy to train a little bit harder. But, the green tea extract will also break that off from the body and move it into the bloodstream, where we can then access that fat for fuel. So a fantastic ingredient, green tea, for burning body fat.

Next, they put in your resveratrol extract, which you'll typically get from the skin of red grapes and a little bit in nuts. The resveratrol in here will actually scavenge free radicals from training. These free radicals speed up the ageing process and reduce your recovery. So by adding resveratrol in here, you're reducing the ageing process and you're speeding up your recovery. So the other really cool thing about this product is it comes in these very convenient sachets. So you can take them wherever you wanna go and whip 'em out when you need them. The feedback we get from our customers is that it really increases their water intake during the day because it tastes so fantastic. It reminds them to stay hydrated and drink more. And water is the most important supplement for fat loss. So, another great reason to use one of these products.

Now, the ten fantastic flavours this guy comes in is you've got your original Green Tea, which has a little bit more green tea than the other flavours. Then you've got your Appleberry. We have Mango, Cranberry. Assorted, which comes with six fantastic flavours. We've got Tropical, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Lemon and Ginger, and Peach which is my personal favourite. So if you have any questions on X50, hit us up on our Facebook page or go to our website fatburnersonly.com.au and chat to us on our live box or from our contact page. Otherwise, thanks for watching. Have a great one, Burners. See you next time.

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