K-OS Pre Workout Range by BodyScience

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The K-OS Pre-Workout Range are high-quality performance-boosting pre's. Designed to support energy levels, mental concentration, focus and clarity. K-OS Pre Workouts are HASTA certified, making the products banned substance free.

Key Features

  • Packed with B vitamins to improve energy metabolism
  • Supports mental performance, focus, and control
  • Combats fatigue so you can get a better workout any time of day
  • Supports hydration and muscle chemistry before, during, and after workouts
  • BCAAs maintain endurance performance to keep you at your best for longer
  • Prevents muscle breakdown during strenuous exercise and prevents muscle damage
  • Prepares you for better recovery even before you start exercising

K-OS Pre Workout Range by BodyScience

Why use a pre-workout? Support mental concentration, focus & clarity. Supports energy levels. Supports muscle mass. Australia’s 1st EVER therapeutic (listed medicine) pre-workout. It’s athlete standard certified. We third party HASTA® test every batch for over 200+ WADA prohibited substances. It’s a pure pre-workout, made for you.

The HASTA® sports supplement screen covers over 200 WADA prohibited substances from the following WADA prohibited substance classes

K-OS Pre Workout is a caffeine-rich, performance-boosting supplement that you can take anywhere. K-OS contains caffeine, BCAAs, creatine, and micronutrients to ensure a balance of health, performance, and mental energy. 

Caffeine is the timeless centre of attention for a great pre-workout.

Mentally, caffeine e is famous for its ability to re-energise you and improve mental performance. This is perfect when you’re coming into your workout tired – either from a long day or an early morning. This keeps you sharp and ensures that you’re ready to put in your best effort.

Physically, caffeine turns that effort into performance. It directly improves muscle action helping you to have a better workout. It also improves your neural response, so your body does what you tell it – and well!

Creatine is another classic ingredient for a good pre-workout. It helps improve the uptake of both carbs and water into muscle cells where they offer energy and help you produce maximum force. It also helps you control your energy reserves and supports post-exercise recovery.

B vitamins are the foundation for your body’s whole energy system. K-OS provides you with two of the most important: Vitamin B3 and B12.

B3 is one of the most important micronutrients for your energy metabolism. It provides the foundation for turning food into energy – and then into exercise! B12 helps your body derive energy from carbohydrates – the main form of exercise fuel in most workouts.

This pairing helps improve your energy stores for a hard workout and protect your cells from the stress that exercise burdens them with.

BCAAs are a classic group of 3 essential amino acids. They support muscular health during a workout to prevent both muscle damage and the breakdown of proteins. This means reducing the burden exercise places on your body over a long, intense workout.

BCAA supplementation also improves endurance performance which makes them a great anti-fatigue ingredient.