CLA + ALCAR by BPI Sports

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CLA + Carntine by BPI Health

(50 Servings)

If you’ve shopped with us here at Fat Burners Only, you probably know that CLA and Carnitine are two of our favourite complimentary fat burning products so this nifty little product is super exciting for us! CLA + Carnitine by BPI Health combines our two favourite fat burning ingredients into one  non stim, easy to use, delicious tasting supplement. With perfect clinical doses of CLA and Carnitine this product is designed to be taken twice per day. It can be used in combination with your favourite thermogenic fat burner or as a stand alone fat burner for those with a low caffeine tolerance. CLA + Carnitine comes in 4 delicious flavours, our house favourite is the Rainbow Ice flavour!

CLA + Carnitine by BPI Health Benefits

-          Stimulant Free Fat Burning

-          One Easy to take product (More room in your gym bag/kitchen!)

-          Clinically dosed Carnitine and CLA

-          Four Delicious Flavours

Who can use CLA + Carnitine by BPI Health

CLA + Carnitine by BPI Health is perfect for those already using a thermogenic fat burner and are wanting to take their results to the next level. It is also perfect for those people with a very low caffeine tolerance looking for a stim free solution in a high-quality fat burning supplement.


Fiona H 03/04/2018

Perfect 2 in 1

BPI flavouring system is amazing, so the taste is rocking! The formula is good too, designed to be had 3x daily. Perfect if you dont like the taste of ALCAR or cbf taking 2 seperate products :)

*Hi, my name is Fiona. Please note, I am a team member here at Fat Burners Only. This is a genuine review of the products I use and enjoy.

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    CLA + ALCAR by BPI Sports

    CLA + ALCAR by BPI Sports

    CLA + Carnitine by BPI Health Benefits

    -          Stimulant Free Fat Burning

    -          One Easy to take product (More room in your gym bag/kitchen!)

    -          Clinically dosed Carnitine and CLA

    -          Four Delicious Flavours

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