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Keto Aminos by BPI Sports

(30 Serves)

The benefits of a Ketogenic lifestyle are becoming more and more widely documented with more and more people getting involved in the Keto community. Not only is this low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet great for fat loss, it has also been shown to improve brain function as well as heart health and may also aid in management of PCOS. Joining in on this Keto Revolution is BPI Sports with their brand-new Keto Aminos. BPI Sports Keto Aminos are a blend of high quality BHB Salts (Exogenous Ketones), MCT Oils as well as branched chain and essential amino acids.

Keto Aminos can be effectively used during exercise for fat loss by putting the body into a state where it is burning fat as your primary source of fuel rather than blood glucose. This effect is largely due to the inclusion of BHB Salts and MCT Oils. This nifty product can also be used to aid recovery and muscle building with it’s unique blend of Branch Chain and Essential Amino Acids that are ideal for lean muscle repair and growth.

Keto Amino by BPI Sports Benefits

-          Fat Burning through Ketones

-          Muscle Recovery

-          Lean Muscle Growth

-          Can be used by those leading a Ketogenic Lifestyle

-          Comes in two delicious flavours (Watermelon Ice & Tropical Freeze)

Who can use Keto Aminos?

Keto Aminos can be utilized by anybody wanting to optimize their fat loss, energy and fat loss during exercise. Keto Aminos are more effective when used in conjunction with a Ketogenic diet however this is not a compulsory requirement. Keto Aminos are stimulant free so are safe to be taken by those with a low caffeine tolerance. Keto Aminos are perfect to be used by those already leading a Keto lifestyle and those already supplementing with exogenous Ketones such as Keto OS.




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Keto Aminos by BPI Sports

Keto Aminos by BPI Sports

Keto Amino by BPI Sports Benefits

-          Fat Burning through Ketones

-          Muscle Recovery

-          Lean Muscle Growth

-          Can be used by those leading a Ketogenic Lifestyle

-          Comes in two delicious flavours (Watermelon Ice & Tropical Freeze)

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